The Cardiff Mental Health Handbook

We all need help sometimes

1 in 4 students suffer from a mental health condition at some point. That’s 7,000 of Cardiff’s 28,000 current students – not an insignificant number of people. It’s a big issue, and it’s important to know where you can go if you need help. Here’s the closest thing I could manage to a complete tour of the support services at Cardiff University.

Student Support Centre

Located just up from the SU at 50 Park Place, they offer counselling and wellbeing sessions. It might take a few weeks to squeeze you in for an assessment, so in the meantime they offer drop-in sessions every weekday 3:00-3:45, with an extra session on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 10:15. Try to arrive 15 minutes early to guarantee a space.

On the Heath Campus there’s sessions there 3:00-3:45 every Wednesday too. If you’re worried about a friend, you’ll be able to ask for advice on what to do at any time during opening hours.

mental health

The Student Support Centre at 50 Park Place

Student Advice

Situated on the third floor of the Union. They offer walk in sessions from 12:00- 14:00 on weekdays, with appointments bookable from 10:00 to 16:00, and offer help on all sorts of issues you might have alongside mental health, including housing and academic issues.


Totally student-run but professionally trained to be able to deal with any crisis you might have. Their fantastic service has helped keep countless numbers of students afloat over the years, and operates 8 till 8 every night of term time. You can contact them on 02920 870555. Confidential and totally anonymous.

Mental health SU


If you don’t feel like contacting something affiliated to the Union, then this helpline is valuable to have in your phonebook. Anonymously, you’ll be able to pour your heart out about how you really feel and work towards resolving your issues. Call them on 116 123

Student Minds Cardiff

This student-run national charity run peer to peer groups in room 4H of the SU every Thursday from 18:15-19:15. They’re one of the main student mental health support groups in Cardiff, and specialise in helping those experiencing eating disorders.

For more information on mental health, take yourself to the Student Support Centre, or visit the Mind website for resources and guidance on a vast number of mental health conditions.

Remember: don’t try to do it alone. Talking to friends and family can help too, but be sure to recognise when seeking professional help is a must.