Review: It’s OK, I Still Think You’re Great

‘Everything is fine. Everything is okay. Everything is great’


As the audience takes their seats, the stage comes to life with two young women unpacking books in a cosy kitchen. A captivating glimpse into the post-university life of inseparable friends, the air is filled with echoes of Shakespearean quotes and heartfelt conversations about life. As years go by, and Gin comes back for Tibby’s birthday party, we see the two friends trying to cling onto the cherished memories of their shared past, navigating a delicate dance between preserving the joyous moments and weathering the growing tensions that linger in the air, punctuated by sharp remarks and unspoken emotions.

The play unfolds with an exceptionally crafted script that leaves a lasting impression. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, Raffaella Sero has managed to write a show that captures perfectly what it feels like to be alive in your twenties, trying to navigate through your career, friendships and relationships. The show was so authentic, so intimate; it didn’t feel like watching a play at all, but rather witnessing someone’s life unfolding right before your eyes.

Image credits: Melania Hamilton

The cast delivered an outstanding performance. Tibby, played by Flossie Adrian, was an anxious mess, that we can probably all relate to. They were able to show how hard it is trying to find your place in life, when you don’t know what you want and face repeated rejection from everything you try to do. In the character’s own words: ‘it’s exhausting to be me all the time’. Together with Olivia Khattar as Gin, they skilfully depicted the struggles of seeing your friends’ successes while your life seems like a total failure and perfectly captured the difficulties of maintaining friendships as life gets in the way, and you start to grow apart. Gin’s character was incredibly charismatic and outstandingly authentic. Olivia Khattar’s performance was truly phenomenal. But the play wouldn’t be complete without Anika, Tibby’s new roommate, portrayed by Dominika Wiatrowska. Both her funny remarks and emotional scenes were delivered perfectly by the actress. Every single character was so relatable and so human and they all came together perfectly, each finding a special place in the audience’s heart.

Image credits: Melania Hamilton

The actors interacted amazingly with the set, transporting the viewer into a small flat in the middle of London, with a wall filled with posters, leaflets and postcards and a kitchen filled with mugs, tea and books. Queen’s Fitzpatrick Hall provided a great stage for such an intimate play, as you felt yourself in the flat with the girls, sharing their moments of joy, laughter, anxiety and regret. A separate mention goes to sound and lights, which were great at setting the mood, without diverting attention from the actors. Together with the set they created a captivating atmosphere. A great job by the Director Melania Hamilton, Assistant Director Liam Macmillan and Associate Director Esme Bishop.

In the words of the producer Beth Merrylees, “it’s such a lovely show”. It is, and I absolutely loved it. If you are in your twenties, you have to come see this play. And even if you are not, I guarantee you will find it relatable on so many levels.

Absolutely would recommend.


It’s OK, I Still Think You’re Great is showing on the 16th – 18th of November at 7:30 pm at Queens’ Fitzpatrick Hall. Book your tickets here.

Feature image credits: Melania Hamilton

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