I asked ChatGPT your Cambridge Freshers’ Week questions

Turns out AI has some pretty useful advice

Freshers’ Week can be an extremely daunting experience. You’ve moved away from home to a strange city with strange people and you don’t have a clue how to ‘adult’. Spoiler alert: No one does. In fact most people will probably ring their parents within the first week to ask how to use the washing machine or to check if their chicken is properly cooked. However, there are some questions that even your parents may not be able to answer. Therefore, I turned to Chat GPT for its advice to Cambridge freshers.

Question 1: What advice do you have for a Cambridge Uni fresher?

(Image credits: Alice Monksfield)

No one needs any more reading than they already have at this uni. So to save you from reading the 12 point list of advice that ChatGPT generated, most of which you’ve likely heard all before, here are the highlights:

  1. Get involved: Join clubs, societies or sports teams that interest you. This is a great way to make friends, explore your passions and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  2. Time management: Develop good time management skills early on. Create a schedule that allows you to balance academics, extracurricular activities and personal time.
  3. Seek support: Cambridge offers various support services, including academic advisors, counsellors and tutors. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with your studies or personal matters. My advice: Get to know what support is offered at your college. From tutors to nurses to porters, there’s always someone who can help. 
  4. Explore the city: Cambridge is a beautiful city with a rich history. Take the time to explore its museums, parks and cultural events.
  5. Don’t compare yourself: Avoid comparing your academic progress or social life to others’. Everyone’s journey is different and what matters most is your personal growth and development.
  6. Learn from failure: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or face setbacks. Failure is a valuable teacher and it can lead to personal growth and resilience. My advice: Learn to laugh at some of your supo work feedback. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry. 

Question 2: How do I survive Cambridge Freshers’ Week?

Lolacoaster action shot (Image credits: Mia Shaw)

  1. Take care of yourself: Get enough sleep, eat well and stay hydrated. The week can be hectic, so prioritise your well-being.
  2. Stay organised: Create a schedule or calendar to manage your time effectively, balancing social activities with academics. Keep track of important dates and deadlines for assignments, exams and extracurricular activities.
  3. Budget wisely: Create a budget and stick to it. University life can be expensive, so manage your finances carefully. Look for student discounts and deals to save money. My advice: UNiDAYS, Student Beans and Nectar prices will be your best friends. Plus Nando’s student discount is back for a limited time only!
  4. Have fun: Freshers’ Week is a unique opportunity to have fun, make memories and enjoy your time at university. Balance your social life with your studies and make the most of the experience.

Question 3: What are the worst things about being a Cambridge fresher?

  1. Academic pressure.
  2. Cambridge has a unique college system and fitting into a new college community can take time.
  3. Imposter syndrome. My advice: Don’t sweat it. You will soon realise no one has a clue what’s going on. 

My opinion: I think Cambridge may have misunderstood the concept of Fresher’s Week. It would be nice if it actually lasted 7 days. 

Question 4: Where can I get the best coffee in Cambridge?

Now don’t go spending all of your student loan on overpriced coffees but if you need a little help finishing your essay, here’s where to go (according to Chat GPT):

  1. Hot Numbers Coffee
  2. Bould Brothers Coffee
  3. Stir Coffee
  4. Fitzbillies

Hot Numbers also do the best pancakes! (Image credits: Lucy Barber)

Question 5: Do rowers talk about anything other than rowing?

Forget ChatGPT. The answer is no.

If you want some of my advice, make the most of it. However long you have at this uni will never be long enough, so go to those socials, join that club and talk to that person you’ve had your eye on since you arrived. Then, when you have a spare second, you should maybe get started on your supo work. 

Feature image credit: Ben Cooper

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