The ultimate post-exams bucket list: Cambridge edition

You best be sleeping with your outfit laid out next to your bed


Inspiration for this article arose from needing something to look forward to during the lows of exam term. Best believe I wasted revision time and compiled it into a Google Doc so my friends knew exactly what was going on and now don’t have the excuse of saying they weren’t aware of the plans.

A couple of weeks without academic stress seems like everything we’ve ever wanted, but I know some of you will still sit there and moan and say you’re bored. You’ve attempted the Cambridge Library bucket list, so it’s about time you complete one for fun…

1. College bar crawl

Whether stored somewhere in your notes app or more mentally envisaged, I suspect every undergrad has a list of colleges that are still yet to visit before they graduate. There’s no excuse not to visit them now. You might as well be productive whilst you’re there and try every college’s drink in their very own bar.

The Machete at Downing, the Queen’s Green and the Catz Fire Engine – watch this space for a rating from the editors. And yes, you will have to go to Girton at some point.

Image credit: Salma Salifu

2. Boozy Brunch

Finally, day drinking without repercussions and you might as well eat whilst you’re at it – responsible drinking right? You should probably source a brunch outside of college however, I’m not sure how much the porters would appreciate this one.

Revs offers a bookable bottomless brunch for £30 per person, with great food and a range of drinks. But best be warned, it’s rather bizarre stepping into that place before 11:30pm with bright lighting…

St Patrick’s Day Treat (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

3. Live laugh London

For the Londoners out there, this may be less exciting.

If you’re anything like me though and live a decent train ride away from the capital which sets you back at least 50 quid, why not exploit being in the south and hop on the train down to LDN for the day? I could potentially write a whole other article on what you can get up to down there.

However, if you’re looking for a night out, maybe it’s not the best place to be – ranked the worst in the UK! Somehow, this guide would encourage you to stay in Cambridge for the seventh-best night out in the country. Not sure how that’s happened…

Take me back to Varisty weekend! (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

4. Punts, picnics and pools

Finally, you can punt along the Cam without being jealous of the tourists who are enjoying their days out whilst you’re on the way to Sidge.

Award goes to the best college punt names: Corpus’ is Punty McPunt face. Bring a couple of tinnies, a bottle of wine even and punt away to your heart’s desire.

Maybe just don’t lose the pole (quant if you must be pretentious) whilst you’re at it like someone did during freshers.

You literally had one job (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

If swimming’s more of your thing, I probably wouldn’t recommend the Cam – that’s reserved for C-Sunday only. Try J-Green Lido or your college pool if you’re lucky enough to have one; Girton I’m looking at you.

5. Grand old Grantchester

And I would walk 500 miles… to Grantchester. It’s a trek, but it’s worth it.

Visit the famous tea shop and spot all the famous folk on the walls.  Maybe it’ll be you one day, and just think most of them got 2:2s or 3rds. I mean look at King Charles, he got a 2:2 and he’s not done too bad for himself…

The perfect place for debriefs (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

6. The seventh-best night out in the UK

You all voted Revs as the best night out in town. Will it live up to its name? I won’t buy four VKs for £10…

All of those faces that were grinding in Seeley just a week ago are now all in the same place again, this time it’s just dark and sweaty and loud. Why not ride the Lolacoaster and get mashed in mash too one more time before the end of term?

Rev-olutionary (Image credit: Freya John)

Whilst my bank account has been extremely grateful, the Van of Life hasn’t given me life in a long long time!

7. A pub crawl calls

Maybe lose the local for a bit these last few weeks and branch out. I know if it’s not broken you shouldn’t fix it, but part of me was just going to the closest pub so I wouldn’t feel guilty having a pint during exams. It’s not really ‘going out’.

I suggest following this map and maybe you’ll have somewhere new to work with next year.

Chicken not included (Image credit: author’s own screenshot)

8. Once formerly busy, now busily formal

How long has it been since you treated yourself to a sit-down three-course meal for less than £15? Too long. That’s the price of a meal deal nowadays anyway.

Grab your bottle of wine, your gown and cosplay Harry Potter to celebrate exams being over. Why not even try swapping formals with another college, maybe one you’ve never been to before.

Formalities (Image credit: Hannah Le Seelleur)

9. Get in loser, we’re going shopping

I feel like the dark academia imposed on us on the more ‘town’ side of Cambridge with quaint little shops along King’s Parade leads us to forget that Cambridge is actually a city, with a high street just behind us full of shops.

There are not just one but two shopping centres within walking distance, and now that you have the time, Grafton clothes shops could also be a shout.

Don’t forget to exploit the student discount however and grab some cute fits for May Week and Summer.

Is a college puffer a fashion statement? (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

10. May Ballin’

Cambridge students are actually so busy that they’re nearly two months late to May Ball, with most occurring a couple of weeks before July.

They are set to break the bank, but May Week just would not be the same without them.

Whilst it might be a little ambitious to tick both John’s and Trinity this year, especially as a fresher, they are both on my extended bucket list for the next three years.

John’s May Ball: a bucket list item (Feature Image Credit: Patrick Dolan)

11. Bumps, boats and beers

If it’s one thing we know how to do, it’s how to use the River Cam well.

From the 14th-17th June, the annual Bumps races will be taking place. A celebration of the impotence of our river for rowing is exactly what this entails in this fun chasing game.

The Cambridge cardboard boat race is pretty self-exclamatory, but marks another quirky game for post-exam celebrations.

The question is will you just be spectating or will you end up on the Daily Mail again for a reason over than C-Sunday?

Image credits: Anna Peterson

12. Movie night is on sight

Whilst something planned every day for three weeks seems ideal, there may come a point where you even need a self-care night post-exams.

If it does get this bad, however, it’s simply a sign that you’re having a good time.

Maybe you could watch a film or series based on your subject.

Or, maybe you could indulge in the full Harry Potter collection that’s now available on Netflix if you didn’t guiltily binge through them during exams.

Or, alternatively, you could just look out your window and look back at your gown hung up on your door.

What are you waiting for?!

Feature Image Credits: Hannah Le Seelleur

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