Cambridge freshers you’ve met this year: Which one are you?

‘Are you going to Revs tonight?’

We’ve made it to Easter term – hurray! What better moment to reflect upon all of the freshers you’ve probably encountered over the course of the year?

If you’re currently a fresher, I’m sure you can relate to these. If you’re not, remember that you’ve also been here at one stage in your Cambridge life.

The group chat warrior

We all know that one person who just loved putting their input into everything on the Freshers’ group chat. I hope those moments of short-lived BNOC-dom served you well!

The Gap-‘yah’-is-my-only-personality-trait

Don’t try to compete with the gap “yah” girlie. Oh, you joined SkiSoc? They did a ski season. You’re American? They spent their entire summer doing Camp America. You joined the Athletics Club? They actually trekked to Machu Picchu, walked across the Bolivian salt flats barefoot, and summited Everest – twice.

Certainly no gap year complex here … (Image credits: Melissa Farquhar)

“Oh, you took a gap year?”

You’ve opened the floodgates. The gap “yah” girlie then proceeds to say how glad they are that they took a year out. Did you say Thailand? Vietnam? Cambodia? We get it, you’re so much more mature than all of the other freshers, and that year of real “life” experience has done wonders. Did you really find yourself?

To the MMLers who missed out on the gap year experience – maybe now’s your time? (Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess)

The Rumboogie raver

Hasn’t missed a single Revs since the start of term. Potentially ridden the Lolacoaster a few times, but Revs is where this fresher really thrives. Seeing everybody you know absolutely hammered every Wednesday night – can’t think of anything better!

The flake

“It was sooo nice to see you last night, we must catch up for a coffee ASAP!”

Two weeks go by and you never hear from them again. Well, that’s what freshers is for, right?

The studious one

Hasn’t missed a lecture. I respect the dedication.

Cambridge days must be planned to a T (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

The smooth social sailor

Most likely found in Revs or Lolas smoking areas with a rehearsed list of questions ready to make the perfect freshers conversation. I’m sure most of us recognise this sequence:

“Where are you from?”… “What college are you at”… “What subject are you studying”… And the list goes on. Alternatives include, “what A Levels did you do?” if they really want to push the boat out.

The Sidgwick girlie

Of course, I simply couldn’t miss this one out. The humanities fresher who has found their way into the incredible world of Sidgwick Site. It’s okay if you’re a silly fresh, as long as you have a skinny scarf to hold you tight.

Just say this next time you’re told you’re a silly fresh (Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess)

This fresher almost always owns a disposable camera – or rather, a film camera – which is thankfully much more environmentally friendly.

Image credits: Emily McDonagh

Spending copious amounts of money on camera film? That’s just the price you pay to save the planet – one less disposable camera at a time. Phew, what a relief!

The Union hack

Got involved with the Union from the get-go, and simply loves to spread the news everywhere – Facebook, LinkedIn, group chats? You name it, they’re there.

Cruel or called for? (Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess)

That one person you always see everywhere

You definitely asked for their name at least twice early on in Freshers’, and both follow each other on Instagram by now, but have forgotten everything about them. You know them from somewhere … but where?

Do you simply smile and move on when you walk past them, or stop for a convo and ignore the fact you don’t know their name? The dilemma to end all dilemmas.

The sharked fresher

Nothing more needs to be said here.

Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess

The ‘Londoner’

Are you really from London? Or do you actually live in Surrey? About half of the freshers I’ve met say they’re from London, but I reckon at least a third of them are actually from the home counties.

Image credits: Emily McDonagh

Yes, I’m aware your train runs directly into central London in 20 minutes. But does that really count?

The LinkedIn premium member

Made sure to update LinkedIn as soon as they accepted their Cambridge offer. Very involved in student politics, and has a summer internship at Goldman Sachs already lined up – courtesy of their parents’ connections.

I guess you can find yourself a spouse with good prospects? (Image credits: Facebook @Crushbridge)

The mess

Hasn’t started revision yet? Neither. Turns up to every supo at least 10 minutes late? We’ve all been there. Doesn’t remember what day it is? Everyone has their moments.

It happens (Image credits: Facebook @ 2 Cam 2 Fess)

Well hey, we’ve almost made it to the end of first year, in more or less one piece. That’s got to account for something, right?

Featured image credits: Emily McDonagh, Bwalya Kapapa, Alfie Cason

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