What series you should binge, based on your Cambridge subject

Warning! This article will result in procrastination!

Easter term is about to begin which means one thing – revision (*vomits*). Revision may be hard but there is a group of people out there who are also going through a terrible time… procrastinators. Procrastination is often considered to be easy but this is actually a common misconception. Trawling through Netflix is difficult when you’ve already watched most things. Our hands ache from scrolling through TikTok and our brains are tired from constantly thinking of new ways to do nothing. Luckily, I am here to give you all the suggestions you need – whether you are a procrastinator or a revisor!

So, stop posting BeReals of your revision, ignore your emails and turn the TV (or laptop) on.


Naturally, Supernanny must make this list, but I’m also going to suggest Junior Bake Off. If you’re morally comfortable with laughing at kids’ mistakes then Junior Bake Off is the show for you. It is criminally underrated and such a fun show when you need some light-hearted entertainment.

And, of course, the Educating Essex/Greater Manchester/etc documentaries.


Ponder on the sacrament of marriage or just enjoy couples screaming at each other – Married at First Sight Australia has all the sins – lust, adultery and plenty of dramaaa!


Obviously The Masked Singer, but also I would also check out Daisy Jones and The Six on Amazon Prime. It’s not reality TV and does have some more serious themes, but it has plenty of drama and plenty of music.


Class, money, relationships, drama, status, power. Below Deck is everything a HSPS student could want. It’s almost revision.


I’m not going to insult the law students by suggesting a series as obvious as Suits. In fact, I’m not going to suggest anything to do with the law at all. Law students need to discover new personality traits, which is why Too Hot to Handle with its international cast and wild personalities could be fun to watch.

Also, I love it and I wasn’t sure what other subject to put it with.


Without question Selling Sunset is the perfect fit. Luxury real estate, expensive outfits and tons of drama.

Computer Science

I think Teen First Dates would be the perfect series to watch for Compscis. Awkward yet sometimes sweet, Teen First Dates and Compscis have a lot in common. You guys can watch enviously and get some tips for when you eventually start dating xx


The STEM slander continues! I think Mathmos would definitely love watching Beauty and the Geek. A ‘geek’ who lacks social ability and a ‘beauty’ who lacks intellect get paired up to complete challenges and see if opposites really do attract.

Natural Sciences

Any dating show would be a good fit because the couples have chemistry…! *insert laughter*

Yeah… not my best work. Not sure that joke will get the reaction I hoped (lol).


Race Across the World is exciting and fun, perfect for any travel-loving geographer.


I thought I had the most perfect show to suggest but unfortunately, it was an April Fool’s joke by Duolingo and Peacock. I feel too betrayed to think of another option. Check out the promo videos here and here.


Game theory, betrayal, and backstabbing… The Traitors would be perfect for any economist.


I would definitely check out the new reality TV show Scared of the Dark which is hosted by Danny Dyer on Channel 4. Living, eating, sleeping and completing challenges in the dark may be an unconventional way of getting over a phobia but it does make for good TV.

You are welcome x

Guys, you are welcome. I know I have saved you from revising and you are eternally grateful and how can you ever repay me, etc… But honestly, don’t worry about it. Procrastinators look out for their own.

Happy procrastinating!

Feature Image Credits: Sophie Tallon

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