How to c through C-Sunday correctly

This is a very c-erious day in the Cambridge calendar


The day is finally here, but who’s more excited: us students or the Daily Mail? Rumour has it they’re already camping out waiting to catch Cambridge students doing the most obscene things (day drinking) to report that the country’s future is in jeopardy because we finally decided to take a day off.

Aside from the CCTV cameras, here’s the guide on how to survive this silly day:

*Disclaimer: as a fresher I have absolutely no authority to comment on C-Sunday (yet) so all advice has been taken from years above lol*

8:30am – 9am: ‘Rise and shine’

Right, if you do get caught by a photographer, you want to be looking nice. Sleep with your outfit laid out next to your bed if you have to.

I know you won’t struggle to get up, yet you could barely get out of bed for your 10am supo the other day? Hmmm…

Students can be seen gathering in the distance (Image credit: Isabelle Duffy-Cross)

10am: Park yourself at Jesus Green and explore

If there’s one thing Jesus himself willed for, it was drinking in his name. I mean he did literally turn water into wine. What could be a better place for this event to happen than on a green in his name?

Have a little nosey at everyone’s outfits, c what other drinking socs are up to, locate the photographers hiding in the trees.

As live as Lola’s (Image Credit: Kirsty Falconer)

Until 5pm: The Main Event

A decent good shift for a normal uni, an outstanding shift for Cambridge. Finally a day where drinking before 8pm won’t be judged. Expect to see (or partake in) initiations, challenges, bonding experiences.

Let’s be real: the only sacraments taking place at Jesus Green are the Sacraments of Initiation.

Last year’s antics (Image Credit: Kirsty Falconer)

5pm: Maccies

Ronald McDonald won’t be the only clown in that Maccies on Sunday. If I were one of the photographers, I’d come here afterwards to watch the scenes unfold.

Line the stomach – we’re only half way there, hopefully you’ll be livin’ on a prayer.

6pm – 8pm: Nap, but wake me up before you go-go (to Lola’s)

A cheeky nap is a little joy of the Cambridge life. An even bigger joy after the events of C-Sunday. I presume you’ve taken the day off work so you can enjoy a guilt-free sleep.

Maybe this is a bit presumptuous though, maybe you could still fit in a good two hours of work. Just maybe…

8pm: ‘We’re back and we’re ready to do it all over again’

Resurrect yourself like Jesus himself did. It’s not over. It never was.

Still drunk from the antics of today? Perfect.

Sobered up a bit from dinner? “You have to keep drinking, like you said remember.”

12am: The Lolacoaster

C-Sunday wouldn’t be complete without you showing your face, now that’s if you’ve made it. The only positive thing about people not making it to Lola’s will be the pictures that get posted on Ticketbridge with a valid reason for why they shall not be attending.

If you didn’t manage to secure a ticket, not to worry – I fear there will be many fallen troops.

Don’t forget to tell Mama Dee about your crazy day as well!

2:30am: Give me life, oh Van of Life

Double fast food you might say? I think that’s the least of your worries in terms of what you’ve consumed today.

If you made it this far (in the article too), I’m impressed. Someone’s put in a respectable shift.

or Gardies ofc… (Image Credit: Patrick Dolan)

3:00am: Bed

Falling asleep will be the easy part, getting to bed is the impossible challenge.

Look out for each other, text the gc that you’re back safe and forget about any damage that has been done, for now.

9am:  Ouch, check the papers

The university doesn’t suspend everything remotely academically related the day after C-Sunday?

Have a flick through your photos (and then send them to The Tab please), check the Instagram stories and have a quick glance at the Daily Mail before you get the ‘Is this you?’ text from your friends and family.

What a day, until next year!

Feature Image Credits: Kirsty Falconer

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