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The Tab Guide: what is C-Sunday?

Sun, fun, and try not to chun

Dear Freshers, you've probably heard of this event being whispered around and are keen to join in the revelries of this hallowed Cambridge tradition. But what exactly is C-Sunday? Let The Tab, as ever, be your helpful guide.

What is Caesarian Sunday?

What are the origins of the name, you ask. Eponymously named after the Jesus drinking soc, tradition dictates that it takes place on the Sunday of the May Bank holiday at the start of Easter term. Basically a last hooray, where Cantabs see sunlight and taste alcohol for the last time before they're shackled to their desks and revision.

The tradition originated with the Caesarians descending on Jesus Green to have a brawl with the Girton Green Monsters. Sadly this event is now the stuff of legend as the wrestling bout was banned 4 years ago. Those who remember what Caesarian Sunday was like in bygone times will have long left the Cambridge bubble by now. They're probably cooped up in a stuffy city job, reminiscing about the freedom and folly of youth. Still, the stories live on.

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C – Sunday in the olden times, colourised.

Now it's just an excuse for a day of excess and sacking off work. And why not? Students gather on Jesus Green and drink al fresco with the atmosphere resembling a giant, tipsy picnic crossed with a festival with no music.

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Smiles all round

Every Daily Mail photographer's dream and Senior Tutor's nightmare

Most colleges will issue warnings to their students one way or another. Notoriously strict college, John's, banned their students from going altogether last year. Considering it happens right on their doorstep, Jesus is comparatively lax, advising students that if they wish to go, please refrain from doing something ridiculously stupid (i.e. unlawful).

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Clear signs for college concerns here

Police are always present to make sure things don't get out of hand whilst colleges wait, nail-biting nervously, for any complaints.

Meanwhile, photographers from our favourite newspaper hide in the bushes in eager anticipation. It is not for me to question why middle aged men enjoy trying to take compromising photos of students, but their presence has become something of a staple.

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Cambridge students showing their wild enthusiasm for Sainsbury's

The drinking socs

From their mysterious and secretive depths, these exclusive creatures emerge into the light on C-Sunday. They congregate on Jesus Green in a tribal show of ritualistic fancy dress.

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That's a lot of crisps she's got there

Their long standing tradition dictates that initiations and/or a full day of alcoholic consumption takes place to mark an event. More of a marathon than a sprint – like all forms of long physical endurance, some strategy or preparation are advised.

The sheep

Ah, the infamous sheep incident, when a Fresher from the Sidney drinking soc, the Roundheads, was engulfed by flames as his fancy dress caught on fire.

This was probably the most dramatic thing that has ever happened on C-Sunday and is now held up to the public as a notorious example of Cambridge misdemeanours.

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Paramedics attending to the poor chap after he apparently jumped into the river to put out the flames

I suppose you don't need to be told that alcohol, naked flames, and cheap synthetic material, does not a pretty combination make.

Now you're clued up on the basics – check out our do's and don'ts guide on how to have hedonistic fun on the day without becoming an absolute mess.