The definitive guide to a night out in Cambridge

Yes, you can go out in Cambridge


Rumour has it that Cambridge students would choose academic validation, textbooks and flashcards over a night on the town. Whilst we do love a bit of revision and studying, some of us are very much partial to a ride on the Lolacoaster, a cheeky Rumboogie or even a Friday Mash.

However, with so few club nights in comparison to most unis, it’s essential that you make the most of your night in Cam, so here’s my definitive guide to having the best Cambridge night out possible (especially before exams start):

7pm: Line the stomach

Word of advice: treat an evening of boozing as if it were a marathon (but don’t forget you can easily have an awesome sober night out too). Plenty of carbs, calories and cautionary measures are vital before drinking alcohol.

Whether you hop on over to your college buttery or cook up a storm, make sure you have some sustenance before you start the drinking games. Plus, the more energy you have the better the dance moves when you hit the club (duh)!

Banging steak at St John’s college (Image credits: Freya John)

8pm: Get ready

Ah, the exciting part. Who doesn’t love hyping themselves up and choosing an outfit for a night out? At this point, there’s no turning back, Wednesday Revs is calling for you. A good playlist to get ready to is absolutely vital, Taylor Swift is kind of a must at this point.

Warming up for Revs (Image Credits: Freya John)

9pm: The pres

Everyone knows the pres are low-key the best part of the night, you get to choose the music, have a drink (doesn’t have to be alcoholic) and hang out with your mates. Whether a kitchen, a college bar or even spoons is your preference, a banging playlist, great drinks and some drinking games are vital.

Whether you drink Mainsbury’s £1.25 tinnies (the vodka, lime and soda is the best), have a pint at your college bar or cop Spoons three for £5 hooches, cherish the pres as they usually end up being everyone’s favourite part of the evening.

The kitchen pres (image credits: Freya John)

Pres at St John’s college bar (Image credits: Lucy Pugh)

11.00pm (ish): Head to the club

Do: bring a jacket. Don’t: believe it is August in Barbados and you will survive the walk to Lola’s in just your clubbing fit.

Even if you’re at Emma and a two second walk from Revs, remember that you might want a cheeky bit of scran at the end of the night and may just have to walk to Maccies in the Antarctic temperatures of nighttime Cam.

It’s December not June, don’t be silly, be prepared.

Heading to the club (image credits: Anna Still)

11.30pm (ish): VKs and Jäger bombs

You’ve walked to the club, you’ve queued, you’re in. Whether you’re a massive fan of Sunday Lola’s and Rumboogie’s four VK deal (if you get the blue one you don’t deserve a club ticket) or Jäger bombs, it’s time to head to the bar.

But, be warned, it’s all fun and games until you’re carrying four bottles and spill pink VK down your new white top: I’d recommend sharing the VKs out.

B-tech VK moment (Image credits: Freya John)

12.00am: Have a chinwag in the smoking area

Heading to the smoking area regardless of whether you actually smoke can genuinely be the highlight of your night. It’s a fantastic place to make new friends, bump into old chums and chat some absolute rubbish (despite the fact that I do that in the majority of my supos).

1.00am: Boogie

It’s time for a dance, time to bust some moves on the floor to some great cheesy pop. You’re likely to find around three types of dancers in Cambridge nightclubs.

Firstly the ones who stand there, maybe a few head bops. Then there are ones who go feral, full on crashing into everyone and doing the robot. Finally, you have those who dance around in groups, a circle formation, moving as a pack through the sea that is the Revs middle floor.

2.00am: Gardies or Van of Life

Right. Time for everyone’s absolute favourite part of the night: the food.

What could be better than Gardies’ cheesy chips with all the sauces or Van of Life fajitas in the early hours of the morning? Gardies transforms into a fifth Cambridge nightclub with people pouring out, waiting for their kebabs, burgers or even hummus (so rogue and random I know).

The little area outside of Van of Life almost becomes a space comparable to a club smoking area too. Surprisingly some of the best chats you’ll ever have will occur outside these fine establishments.

If you do have a Cam bucket list (something I suggest we should all have) one thing to cross off is getting your picture onto the Gardies wall – and this point in the night is the perfect time to complete that mission.

Post revs scran always tastes better in a cowboy hat (Image Credits: Mary Brown)

Van of Life chips (Image credits: Freya John)

2.30am: Bed

Do I need to say anymore? It’s time to take your makeup off, brush your teeth (especially if you’ve had any Gardies garlic mayo) and stumble into bed (hopefully to fit in a nice six-to-eight hours).

9am: Debilitating hangxiety and a supervision

It happens to the best of us.

Feature Image credits: Camille Phelps

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