Which Cambridge colleges would these Six Nations icons have gone to?

Here’s me trying to allocate these rugby lads’ colleges…

As the third round of the six nations approaches, it seems appropriate, almost obligatory, to forget the essay deadlines, grab a pint of Guinness and watch 30 men violently plough into one another.

But what if these lads and ex-six nations icons had gone to Cam? Would ex-Wales Captain Sam Warburton have kept his red jersey and been a St John’s ‘Redboy’, or would he have traded it in for the pink of St Catz/Homerton? What about English legend Johnny Wilkinson, would he be able to win Cuppers for his college, like he won the World Cup for England? 

Owen Farrell: King’s

He’s like marmite, you either love him or hate him (being a Welsh fan myself, my views are pretty obvious). The Northern Inside centre/ fly-half, whose charity work made one of his illegal tackles passable, is arguably the golden boy of English rugby, and King’s is Cambridge’s poster-boy college. ‘Faz’ (the English rugby captain and King) is the protagonist on the field at Twickenham, just like Kings’ is in the Cam world. 

Sam Warburton: Christ’s 

Being the ex-Wales and Lions Captain, Sam Warburton is undoubtedly one of the hardest workers in Six Nations history, making him perfect for Christ’s. He’s sensible, a born leader, and would definitely top Tripos with his on-pitch knowledge. Christ’s students are diligent, and dedicated, consistently putting their college on top of the Tompkins table, making Warburton a good fit. Let’s just say he’d rather spend his time studying the rules of the game than stood outside Gardies with a kebab at 3am. 

Finn Russell: St John’s 

St John’s College (Image credits: Freya John)

Top tip: if you want a night of chaos, drinking and general upheaval, head to a St John’s ent. Finn Russell would fare well at John’s, known for both his mercurial skills on the pitch, as well as his tendency to enjoy a pint or two off the field. He was even dropped by Scotland in 2020 due to his drinking habits. The Scottish fly-half would be a perfect match for John’s students, who choose VKs and the ‘Lolacoaster’ instead of actually doing work.

Johnny Sexton: Jesus

Another captain, and the icon of Irish rugby, Johnny Sexton. Like Warburton, there is no doubt that Sexton has an admirable work rate, having scored more than 1,000 points for Ireland. His devotion to his country and his work ethic means that Jesus is perfect for Sexton. With the sports pitches located just outside the college, he has easy access to the sports facilities, helping him maintain his rigorous training habits.

Antoine Dupont: Trinity 

If there’s a college that’s difficult to sneak into, it’s Trinity. The Porters are strict, helping to maintain this college’s allure, exclusivity and prestige. So who better to attend it than Antoine Dupont, the French scrum-half who won world player of the year in 2021, and whose rugby skills are a level above the rest of the world? His rugby ingeniousness is unreal, and Trin’s exclusivity makes it seem even more unattainable.

Johnny Wilkinson: Homerton 

Ah, Johnny Wilkinson, the English legend, the man who won England their World Cup victory in 2003.  There can be no doubt that Wilkinson is a brilliant role model for the rugby youth, being tee-total and showing an interest in the wider world, he is an advocate for compassion and human positivity. In this way, he seems to be a perfect match for Homerton, as it is known as the friendliest college in Cam!

 Ken Owens: Emmanuel

Aside from his ability to throw a line out, make huge hits and drink Baileys by the pint, the current Wales Captain (aka the Sheriff of Carmarthen) embodies Welsh choral tradition. He loves a sing-a-long, demonstrated by his power and passion during the national anthem, meaning that a Wednesday Rumboogie would be right up his street. Emmanuel seems like the perfect college for him due to its proximity to revs, he’d be able to sing and dance the night away without having to worry about getting home. 

Now I’ve tackled this, time to head to the bar and support anyone but England… 

Featured image credits: Freya John

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