Tab Tries: Pizza Pilgrims

We went on a pilgrimage to eat pizza

Week 8 meant that we were both attempting to finish our terms’ work while also mourning the end of our term as Editors-in-Chief of The Tab. We needed carbs, cheese and company. Luckily for us, the newly opened Pizza Pilgrims invited us to try their food, and we didn’t think twice about accepting their offer. Here are our thoughts on Sidney St’s newest eatery!

The Drinks

Shaken Peach Iced Tea

(Image Credit: Ella Sheddick)

We both started off with soft drinks, and this one was exactly what you’d expect from a peach-iced tea. Refreshing, light and just the right amount of sweet. Nothing particularly extravagant but that’s what you’d expect from an iced tea anyway.

Vedika’s rating: 9/10

Amalfi Lemonade

(Image credits: Vedika Mandapati)

Fresh, sweet, minty, delicious. An absolutely perfect lemonade. No notes.

Ella’s rating: 9/10

The Sides

Our sides spread (Image credit: Ella Sheddick)

Mac & Cheese Balls 

These weren’t Vedika’s personal favourite blend of cheese, but they were definitely crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Ella was a Mac & Cheese ball defender, these were super yummy. The basil-y mayo that comes with really elevated the taste.

Ratings: Vedika 5/10, Ella 7/10

Burrata Caprese Salad 

This salad was everything you can ask for to feel healthy while at a pizza place. Super fresh and light, and the perfect break from all the cheesy goodness. Vedika’s favourite dish of the night (apart from her pizza of course). Pizza Pilgrims deserves credit for having some of the nicest burrata either of us have ever had.

Vedika’s rating: 9/10

Ella’s rating:  8/10

The Pizzas

The pizzas are all massive, thin crust and really well priced for a student town. Each one ranges from £9.75-12.50, and one was more than enough food for each of us.


Image credit: Ella Sheddick

Vedika tried the Nduja which she really enjoyed – they were little pockets of salty spicy goodness on what was essentially a Margherita that was really well-balanced. The dough tasted great in itself, and they also offer multiple dipping sauces for your pizza.

Vedika’s rating: 8/10

Burrata and Pesto 

Ella’s first reaction to this pizza was ‘it’s very pesto-y’, which, as Vedika rightly commented is exactly what you’d want from a pesto-based pizza. The burrata was delicious, the cherry tomatoes were perfectly ripe and the pizza itself was incredibly filling. Ella also invented the life hack of dipping her crusts in the Mac & Cheese basil sauce which was truly a revelation.

Ella’s rating: 9/10

(Image credits: Vedika Mandapati)

The Dessert

We tried the pizza ring because it’s their signature (also they were out of ice cream) and it did not disappoint. A ring of pizza dough stuffed with Nutella and baked until everything is molten and gooey? Seriously, what more do you need?

While Ella did nearly burn herself from how hot the Nutella was, once we got past that first hurdle we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was decadent but not too sweet, with the pizza dough helping to cut through the chocolatey centre.

Ella’s rating: 8/10 (Minus one for me getting spattered with burning hot Nutella)

Vedika’s rating: 9/10

The Vibes

The cycle-themed downstairs is cute, with old-school red and white checkered tablecloths and an insane amount of cycle paraphernalia on the walls. We even got to see a cycle being mounted behind us!

The upstairs though is the place to be. Clotheslines with football attire decorate the ceilings, there’s an Italian game room which we’re definitely coming back to sample and cute floral decor on the walls.

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Feature image credits: Vedika Mandapati