University of Cambridge ranks 45/80 on mental health support

Cambridge was graded “very poor” by students on their satisfaction and engagement

The HUMEN University Mental Health League Table recently published the results of their year-long study to create university rankings based on student mental-health. The University of Cambridge ranked 45th out of 80 universities, with an overall score of 49 per cent.

Universities were graded on student engagement, satisfaction, mental health awareness, financing and mental health service provisions.  The study looked at data from 7200 students, as well as budgetary information for each university.

The best-performing universities were Reading, Oxford and and Central Lancashire, with overall scores of 62.5, 60.4 and 60 respectively. Oxford University was the only institution to receive marks in the “excellent” range for each of the five categories.

Cambridge was graded “very poor” by students on both satisfaction and engagement. The League awarded Cambridge a mark of “poor” for their financing relating to mental health issues, and a mark of “average” for awareness and service provisions.

The University of Cambridge was approached for comment.

Feature Image Credits: Keira Quirk