Ibz Mo’s top tip for exam szn at Cambridge

‘Work for the best, but prepare for the worst’

*CN: Brief mention of mental health struggles*

As exam season approaches, it’s easy to forget what life was like before you applied to Cambridge. For me, it was frantically watching any YouTuber who could give me some sort of tip on how to apply and actually get into Cambridge. Ibz Mo’s video “How to write a personal Statement for Top UK universities” was practically a lifesaver and his university vlogs were my main insight into what life might look like as a student here.

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So I reached out to Ibz Mo about any advice he has for students at Cambridge as exam season approaches. He said that his “number one tip” was that “if you have any concern about your mental or physical wellbeing during exam season. GET THIS DOCUMENTED BEFORE.”

He went on to explain that “as someone who had to go through the appeal process and apply for mitigating circumstances” for his final year grade, he was successful on account that he “had the documentation.” This included “emails with tutors”, “supervision reports that predicted [him] a first”, “doctors notes” and even emails between him and his counsellor about his mental health.

He was able to make an “objectively strong appeal to be awarded the grade that [he] would have been awarded if [he] had not been experiencing mitigating circumstances.

Now both an Oxford and Cambridge graduate – he’s putting in the WORK. (Image credits: Ibz Mo)

“I informed the correct individuals, documented it all, and then when the worse happened. I was ready to proceed and was successful in appealing my grade.”

Feature image credits: Ibz Mo

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