Olivia Bradley

Olivia Bradley
Cambridge University


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The Tab sits down with Stormy Daniels

‘There are more assholes in politics than porn’

Ibz Mo’s top tip for exam szn at Cambridge

‘Work for the best, but prepare for the worst’

The Tab sits down with Ali Abdaal

‘My supervisor thought I was hungover but I was completely wrecked from just chatting and trying to win Articulate’

‘Quincy and Claire Talk Conspiracy’: Meet the co-hosts behind the podcast

‘The biggest thing that I want to get across is that we are not conspiracy theorists’

Cam FM holds 24-hour charity broadcast in support of Jimmy’s Cambridge

They have less than a quarter of their fundraising goal left

The Tab sits down with Student Minds blog editor

‘you don’t have this expectation of yourselves to reach the maximum for every single essay like it’s OK to be just OK’

The Tab meets the students behind One Young World Cambridge

Don’t worry, I didn’t know what a caucus was either…

What’s on in Cambridge: International Women’s Day

Events that you can attend in Cambridge for IWD 2022!

In pictures: Cambridge #StandwithUkraine

‘I decided to bring my camera to document the far-reaching effects of the Russian attack on Ukraine and to show the united people’

Review: Heroes

‘I haven’t got any shin pads… or a dad’

The Tab sits down with Watersprite Film Festival director 2022

Find out what is happening and how to get invloved at the UK’s largest student film festival!

Succession star Brian Cox sits down with The Tab

‘I won an Emmy which was obviously quite good’

Bridging the Gap: Interview with Dr Noemie Lopian and Derek Niemann

“She is a human being, who happens to be Jewish. Just as I’m a human being who happens to have an ancestor who was a Nazi”

The Tab sits down with Liam Williams

Because the Cambridge University Jugglers’ society is a thing…

The Tab meets: The president of MWA

The MWA is trying to change the way students think about giving

Trip to the gyp: Veganuary edition

Time, budget and gyp friendly vegan meals!

Interview: The JCR officer behind the Murray Edwards implementation of free Sunflower lanyards

The Tab speaks to Ruth Shaw about her implementation of sunflower lanyards at Medwards

A cuppa with CU Northern Soc

A chat with the current Northern Soc president about representation, access, and all things northern.

An oar-some or oar-ful date for these two rowers?