The Tab speaks to Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran

We sat down with everyone’s favourite 2021 Love Island boy ahead of his new collab with BoohooMan

In his intro package before entering the villa, Toby jokes that “one day you want Snickers, the next day you think you want a Twix or a Kitkat, I just want them all!… I might have a little bit of commitment issues to be fair.”

And boy oh boy was he right, early on in his 2-month stint, Toby kept viewers entertained with his back and forth between various girls.

It was surprising he didn’t get whiplash from all that head-turning, from Kaz Kamwi to Chloe Burrows, Mary Bedford, to Abigail Rawlings and back again! He certainly lived up to his word.

Just over a month on from leaving the villa, and still going strong as #Chloby, we spoke to Toby as he steps into his new role as a BoohooMan ambassador.

Getting into the important stuff, we wanted to know what Toby’s perfect night out looked like. In line with the theme of the BoohooMan going-out campaign, we asked him to plan his perfect night, so anyone looking to live like a Love Island, star, pay attention.

What are you wearing?

Arguably the most important part of a night out, Toby is ready to go out when he’s in his black Boohoo bomber jacket, black tee and cargo trousers. Sadly, there will be no Crocs in sight as he said “I wish I could wear crocs, but then no will take me seriously and start laughing at me.”

(Although amazingly, he did whip out his camo crocs which he was wearing during the interview – justice for Croc lovers everywhere.)

Toby sporting his lovely crocs on our Zoom (Image: Author’s screenshot)

What are you drinking?

For beverages, Toby is sticking straight to “Vodka and lemonade,” as he “hates beer, wine and all that stuff.” When pushed for his choice of a more indulgent cocktail he admitted that he is prone to a Pina Colada every now and then.

Where are you pre-ing?

In what was so far the most relatable part of our chat with Toby (for Matilda at least), Toby admitted that he’s a “massive lightweight,” even going as far to say “if I pre, I’m not making it to the club.”

Freshers, take notes and know your limits, although it’s not always the worst thing to enjoy pres and be tucked into bed by 11pm.

What’s your choice of drunk food?

For Cambridge students, it has to be Van of Life or Gardies, and Toby admits “a kebab is really really nice.” But, in a strange twist, he tells us he “is only allowed one kebab a year.”

This hilarious rule stems from the fact he genuinely loves kebabs so much that he has to “limit himself” or he’ll be eating them every day.  I might have to employ that policy towards Van of Life cheesy chips soon.

Moving on from nights out and onto his time in the villa, we got to chatting about the struggles of getting ready for the evenings on Love Island.

If you think sharing a few showers between a flat in halls is hard, try getting ready in the villa. Toby shared that of course “at first, the girls took the longest to get ready.” But then when the boys realised they “had so much time to spare, [they] started napping before getting ready.”

This inevitably led to a rush as the boys would all wake up with “half an hour to spare and be rushing to use the showers.”

You know that really annoying housemate that always jumps the queue for the showers when you’re running late for a supo? In the villa, Liam was the guilty culprit, as he would always “jump the queue saying he would only take two seconds, and then take 10 minutes.”

Toby sporting the bomber jacket he’d be wearing on a night out clubbing (Image: BoohooMAN x Toby)

A “die-hard” Love Island fan before he went in the villa himself, Toby expressed his surprise at the amount of waiting around, which he saw to be the main difference between watching it on screen and being there yourself.

Since leaving the villa Toby insisted that the most surreal part of his newfound fame is “people coming up to [me] for photos, it’s mad” and he said that it absolutely makes his day to talk to fans and take pictures with them.

Bar one weird interaction he told us about, where someone took a picture with him, went “man I hate you,” then walked off – rogue.

It was great to hear that Chloe and Toby are still going strong, and with Toby being in his first relationship, he said that his favourite part has got to be that “you can come home and just have a cuddle and just chill in bed doing nothing.”

Toby’s collection in collaboration with BoohooMAN is available now on their website!

Feature image: @tobyaromolaran on Instagram