10 reasons why you should apply to join the Cambridge Tab

You know you want to join Cambridge’s most popular student society – and the best part is, no journalism experience is needed


Ah, It’s that time of the year again. The Freshers’ Fair is approaching, new students are arriving, and second-year students are realising that they’re more like the freshers’ than they might have thought. 

What better time than to get involved in the best student society in Cambridge? We have social media and video positions available as well as writers and section editors and applications are open now!

No journalism experience is needed, even if you’ve never tried writing before, we want you on the team. We’re looking for enthusiastic and creative people to boost The Cambridge Tab to new levels. If you fancy getting involved, trying your hand at writing jokey guides, opinion pieces, running news investigations, making TikToks, Cambridge Memes and more, The Cambridge Tab is the society for you. 

Take a peek at the reason’s below to see why you should join..

You can apply here.

1. You’ll be able to write about things you care about

At the Tab we want to highlight student opinions and actions, from covering the amazing work of student initiatives to conducting questionnaires surrounding student experience, to tackling issues like mental health and climate change. The Tab teaches you that your voice counts, and shows you how you can use it.

2. You’ll meet some amazing people

Not only will the people you work with on the Tab be awesome- and from many different colleges! But the people you’ll meet through article writing are pretty unbelievable. From celebrities at the union, to student activists and CEOs to local businesses. You get to learn so many people’s incredible stories, and form lasting connections.

3. You can get TikTok famous

With 15k views on some of our TikTok so far, and plans to expand our following over the next term, as a writer or member of the social media or TabTV teams you’ll have the opportunity to create and feature in some of our content!

4. It’ll look great on your CV

As well as being a recognisable organization to employers, the Tab offers you the chance to hone various skills that can help in future careers. From writing, to organisation, to teamwork, and best of all you can actually show them the article’s you’ve written. You’ll also make connections with some of the best people in Cambridge. Cambridge Tab alumni have gone on to work at the Daily Mail, Telegraph, PR, marketing and more, and some have also gone into engineering and the science industries.

Apply now! (Image Credits: Poppy Robinson)

5. You have the chance to write for national publications

In recent years our stories have been picked up by the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph and Daily Mail, not only does this look great on your CV, but you can tell your friends all about it. You’ll also have the opportunity to write for Tab National, which has a media reach of hundreds of thousands on a daily basis. 

6. Hundreds, if not thousands of people will read your articles

With 20,000 likes on Facebook, your articles will get hundreds, if not thousands, of views. Now, this might seem intimidating at first, but just think that your voice, and opinions can be shared with students all over Cambridge, if not the world. You have the opportunity to highlight and share what matters to you from a great platform.

7. You’ll be involved in Cambridge’s most popular student newspaper

With 2 million site views in the past year, 20,000 likes on Facebook, over 5,000 Instagram followers and fabulous content such as the best bums contest coming up this Michaelmas, the Tab is the paper you want to be involved in.

8. You can write about the strangest, most Cambridge things you can think of

You might have noticed that some of the Tab articles aren’t exactly your mainstream news content, especially in our features section we like to have fun with our stories. From trying 5 different Colin the Caterpillar cakes to going on Tinder as Cambridge buildings, every idea is welcome at The Cambridge Tab.

It’s fair to say that the Tab love memes (Image Credits: Poppy Robinson)

9. We can’t forget the socials

At the Tab you’ll meet so many amazing people, and the best part is that you get to meet up with them! With membership from across all Cambridge colleges, you are bound to bump into someone you know in Market Square, Mainsbury’s, or at Wednesday Cindies. We are looking to have two social secs this term, and are planning on organising some clubbing nights and formal swaps, as well as some none alcohol centred events. 

10. … or the t-shirts

Lets be honest, the only reason anyone wants to join societies at uni is for the stash, and here at the Tab we know that. You may have seen the iconic Tab t-shirt on our socials, well writing for us you’ll get the chance to have your very own Tab stash!

That’s the end of our list, but there are a million other reasons why you should join the tab, and you know what, the only way to find out how great it really is, is to apply to join our team!

You can apply here, if you have any questions dm us on Facebook, Instagram or email [email protected]. We’ll also be at the Freshers’ Fair where you can grab a copy of our print edition and say hello to some of our editors!

Feature image credits: Matilda Head and Katie Thacker