Cam in the Dam: Cambridge students to take over Amsterdam in the Lent holidays

The latest solution to pandemic blues: an organised trip for 1500 Cambridge students to travel to Amsterdam

Cam in the Dam, Cambridge’s newest trip, offers 1,500 students the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam at the end of Lent term. 

The trip, which is debuting for the first time this year, is the product of collaboration between two second year Cambridge students, Aditya Raviprakash and Ollie Mills, and Cindie’s Students Nights (which organises some of the main clubbing nights in Cambridge, including Rumboogie and the Freshers Finale events last year.)

Recently announced headliners include Wilkinson, Shy FX, Kideko, Ferreck Dawn, Ammara, and ZERO. Jonny from Cindie’s Students Nights said the trip would include “The sorts of talent that we’re not used to in Cambridge… It’s really like a festival lineup to be honest, so we’re really excited and proud of that.”

Headliners include Wilkinson, Shy FX, Kideko, Ferreck Dawn, Ammara and ZERO (Image credits:Cindie’s Students Nights)

The itinerary was announced a few weeks ago. Day One includes explorations of canals and bars (including bar botanique), glow golf and then a welcome party and clubbing.

Day Two features a takeover of a well-known Bulldog coffee shop followed by stroopwafel, visits to the vondel park and Moco Museum, then another night out. The final day includes a “fuel up at the avocado show,” a boat party (for an add-on price), re-visiting the Bulldog and then the final night out.


Ollie, a second year geography student at Queens and Aditya, a second year medicine student at Sidney Sussex, came up with the idea for the event. They have previously collaborated with Cindie’s Students Nights to organise the Freshers Finale events last year, after running the Cambridge Freshers Instagram page.


The trip will show students the beautiful sights in Amsterdam (Image credits: pxfuel via the Creative Commons License)

When asked about the trip Ollie said, “what I want from the experience is for everyone to have an opportunity to see a new place, blow off some steam, have a new experience with your friends in a new location.” Aditya added, “We also hope this trip will be start of an annual trip to dam/ other cities that become part of the Cambridge tradition- just like the Varsity Ski Trip!”

Whilst there are only 1,500 tickets, there have already been 3,000 sign ups. The tickets will be priced according to accommodation, the options for which were recently announced on the Cam in Dam Instagram account. 

The ticket does not include travel, but organisers have suggested Stansted as a cheap option for students. The Eurostar also runs cheap trains from London St Pancras to Amsterdam for a more environmentally friendly means of transport. 

Keep an eye out for other events organised by Ollie, Aditya and Cindie’s Students Nights such as the Oktoberfest and the Freshers foam parties (one evening is for second and third years).

To find out more follow @camindam and @cambridgefreshers2021 on Instagram.

Feature image credits: Cindie’s Students Nights