Dominic Cummings claims Cambridge University students are ordering drugs on the dark web

The former aid to the Prime Minister has criticised the Home Office for failing to curb prescription drug use

Dominic Cummings, the former aid to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has criticised the Home Office for failing to take action on students’ use of prescription drugs.

Cummings, an Oxford alumnus, tweeted on 13/09: “Talking to students at Oxford and Cambridge, it’s clear many simply order drugs from dark web direct to their college pigeonholes. Nothing planned – or executable – by Home Office, which a serious regime would immediately close, will affect this trade.”


His statement was in response to Dr. Andrew D Huberman, PHD, who claimed on Twitter that 25% of students aged 16-32 take Adderall 1-7 times a week.”

A spokesperson from the University of Cambridge stated that the university condemned any use of ‘smart’ drugs and highlighted the Student Wellbeing site for any students struggling with related issues.

They continued: “The University of Cambridge recommends that students avoid the use of recreational and ‘smart’ drugs.

“The sale and supply of prescription only or unlicensed medicines is an offence in the UK, which can result in serious legal and disciplinary implications.”

Support is available for drug related issues from your GP and honest information about drugs can be accessed from

Cover Image: Author’s Own Image and Screenshot from Twitter