Is Graham Virgo a Virgo? Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Virgo’s astrology chart

We even worked out his compatibility chart with Toope

If we had a quid for every time someone at Cambridge makes a joke about Graham Virgo’s surname being a star-sign, we’d probably have enough money to buy the no-add version of every astrology app under the sun. 

Fuelled by a desire to finally answer the age-old question of is ‘Graham Virgo actually a Virgo?’, we spoke to Graham Virgo to find out his full birth-chart. We’re not exactly sure what purpose this serves for anything, but consider this one for our astrology stans. 

To avoid aggravating the 1 per cent of committed astrologers out here, a full disclaimer that we are in no way, shape, or form astrology experts. Our astrology knowledge is limited to whatever Co-star tells us to do/don’t do every day and years of experience in stalking the daily horoscopes of our love interests. However, disclaimer aside, here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Graham Virgo’s astrology chart in the hopes that it will finally make some of his policies make sense: 

Graham Virgo isn’t a Virgo

To start off with the most basic clarification, the Tab can confirm that Graham Virgo is not, in fact, a Virgo. Born on the 8th June, his sun sign is a Gemini. 

For those of you who didn’t spend year eight googling your crush’s astrology sign to work out your compatibility, your sun sign is the one most commonly referred to when people ask you for your star sign: it’s the core of who you are and determines your ego and identity in life. 

The thing most commonly associated with Geminis is being two-faced, but according to Co-star, it also means that Virgo is “fundamentally dynamic, quick-witted, eclectic and curious”. Apparently, this can also mean he comes off as “gossipy or flaky”, which is kinda deep for him but give the exclusive announcement he gave us regarding future exams. Maybe there’s some truth in this?

No description available.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which according to Astroframe, “symbolizes communication, writing and education”, which tbf probably describes Virgo’s job in three words, so maybe there’s something in astrology after all?

Meanwhile, Image tells us that this makes him “very loyal” and “happy to chat with almost anyone”, which seems to hold true when considering his willingness to be interviewed by the Tab on an almost-termly basis (Graham, we love u x). Alas, they describe his weaknesses as being “indecisive”, “inconsistent”, and “disliking repetition and routine” – although the number of emails we receive from him in our email inboxes beg to differ.  

Astroframe describes him as being “sympathetic, sociable, intelligent and adaptable” as well as “perceptive and understanding”,  which honestly sounds like a banging job reference. Virgo, if you’re ever planning on applying for Toope’s job, you know who to put down as your reference.

They also add that as a Gemini, Virgo isn’t a “leader” but that “their ideas are always appreciated”, which we think says a lot about the Toope-Virgo dynamic duo we’ve come to know and love. Judging from Camfess, Virgo may forever be in Toope’s shadow, but we’re sure he’s a powerful force behind university policy. 

Finally, apparently “nothing frightens them”, but ngl he did seem a bit worried about what the prospect of a safety net would have for our academic rigour, and personally, we reckon he can chill out a bit on this one. 

No description available.

He’s also an Aquarius moon and a Cancer rising

But as any true astrologer knows, one’s sun sign is just scraping the surface of the barrel (also, this information is high-key available on Wikipedia, so this would’ve been a bit of a redundant investigation), so to delve deeper into Virgo’s inner self, we found out his birth time and place to make some precise astrological analysis.

 He told the Tab he was born at 8 am in the morning (clearly, he was made for the academia lifestyle of 9 am lectures) in Warwickshire (GMT). From this, we worked out the rest of his birth chart: most significantly that his moon sign is in Aquarius, and he is a Cancer rising. 

We expect at this point about 1 per cent of the Cambridge population are nodding their heads knowingly at this information, and 70 per cent have probably already clicked off this article after finding out that he isn’t a Virgo. This leaves approximately 29 per cent of you wondering what the hell any of this actually means. 

In essence, your moon sign can be described as your inner-self, what you’re really like on the inside. It rules your emotions, moods, and feelings. People often describe it as being the most accurate representation of your personality, since it reflects your true self when you’re free of social pressures. 

Co-star tells us that Virgo’s Aquarius moon reflects his emotional self being “intuitive, observant, detached and rational”. He’s apparently often in his own world, but also “scared of how [he] truly feels”. Despite Co-star’s famed unreliability, we’re somewhat inclined to back this one: considering he knew two of the people on this year’s BNOC list, he is clearly observant and has an intuitive sense of Cambridge’s biggest names on campus.

No description available.

Your rising or ascendant is how you present yourself to others – so basically, the vibe you give off. Virgo’s rising is in Cancer, so apparently, he comes across as “gentle, intuitive and warm”, but perhaps “overly emotional or sensitive to criticism”. We’ll leave it up to his supervisees to answer how “gentle” and “warm” he is, but we’re going to presume he doesn’t enjoy criticism of the university’s policy, so that’s probably a fair judgement. 

No description available.

His full birth chart gives further insights into his personality

 Virgo’s Saturn is in Pisces, which supposedly means he “struggles” with the tendency to “be a pushover” as well as “daydreaming and his emotions”. A 30-minute interview certainly wasn’t long enough to be able to divulge the ins-and-outs of Virgo’s emotions, but we do beg to differ the claims of him being a “pushover” – he continued to refuse to budge on giving us a safety net this year after all. 

The rest of his planets combine to leave him with a mind that is allegedly “highly developed”, and he can be an “objective witness to complex situations, watching everything logically and without judgement”. Considering he trained as a lawyer, this is probably a good thing. 

However, heart-wrenchingly apparently, he can “feel like an outsider – or even an outcast”. This seems to speak volumes to his reaction for not being nominated for the Tab’s BNOC list, unlike his co-worker Toope. 

No description available.

Taking all of this information into account, Nebula gives Virgo a lot of practical advice on the basis of his horoscope, such as consuming lots of “vitamins, irons and proteins” for “hair growth and health”, knowing “when and how to tuck your shirts” (Virgo, if you’re reading this it advises that “dress shirts should always be tucked and T-shirts should always be untucked”). We guess a year of virtual meetings does make the details of dress codes a bit fuzzy after all.

Toope and Virgo: Written in the stars?

The most iconic duo of the 21st century is undoubtedly Virgo and Toope, begging the question: Have the stars truly aligned for this duo? It certainly appears so, with Nebula saying that Toope (an Aquarius) and Virgo have an 80 per cent compatibility rate.

Apparently, their interests are 90 per cent compatible, perhaps telling us why it’s so difficult for changes in university policy to be enacted. Their dependability is also 90 per cent compatible, which is kinda cute when you think about it. 

No description available.

Allegedly the two signs “bond mentally when working together”, and their partnership is likely to be “highly successful” due to their support for each other, “great communication skills”, and mutual dislike for “wasting any time”. So there we have it, Cambridge University’s very own Obama-Biden duo!

Alas, the course of true love never did run smooth, and sadly their relationship can allegedly sometimes be fictitious. This is allegedly due to Virgo’s “habit of loitering” and Toope’s “stubbornness”, which Nebula says Virgo “finds annoying”. It looks like their Tinie Tempah’s means they’re not completely written in the stars after all. Sadly their fun and enjoyment is only ranked as 60% compatible, so maybe they should spend less time sending emails and more time partaking in some office socials to re-connect. 

So, what have the stars got in store for Virgo for the rest of the year?

Well, according to Nebula, for Virgo, 2021 will “combine emotions with intellect”. It’s a year of “personal evolution”, leaving him with a “new set of ideas”. Between now and April 23rd, he needs to focus on expressing his emotions, so expect some heart-wrenching emails in the next month.  

Saturn is apparently spending the year in the area of Virgo’s chart, which is “related to higher education and the higher mind”, meaning it’s a year full of academic rigour for Virgo. 

No description available.

He’s apparently going to spend the year focusing on “education, learning, inventing, social issues and creating a vision for the future”, which is honestly a surprise to no one.  He’s also apparently “very accepting of others” and “open to hearing people’s points of view”, which bodes well for his supervisees this year. 

In terms of career, this year, Virgo has “expanded opportunities for learning and advancement”: he may find a job “more aligned” with his goals or meet someone who “awakens your mind to what you actually want to be doing for making your living in the world”. Given he has recently expressed that he’s a fan of the Tab, we personally wouldn’t be surprised if he runs for Editor-in-Chief in Michaelmas. 

Additionally, his mercury comes out of retrograde on June 21st, which can only mean one thing: see you at C-Monday Graham xoxo.

Finally, we worked out that Virgo’s Uranus is in Virgo, which felt apt for reasons upon which we shall not be elaborating.

Feature image credit: Joe Cook via Creative Commons license and skyseeker  via Creative Commons license

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