University plans to have ‘as many students as possible’ back in Cambridge for Easter term

Students currently in Cambridge are expected to remain here over the vacation

Cambridge plans to welcome back “as many students as possible” for Easter term, an email from the  Vice-Chancellor has announced.

These plans are based on the government’s announcement to review the return of undergraduate and postgraduate students by “the end of the Easter holidays”. The Vice-Chancellor’s update explained that the government will give a week’s notice to students before they are allowed to return to university.

The update also outlined plans for the easing of lockdown, which included returning to Cambridge for Easter, but also residency arrangements for the vacation and remote learning this term.

There will be “no immediate change” to teaching this term. Learning will remain online for most courses and in-person teaching on courses such as clinical medicine will continue.

Students are largely being asked to remain where they are. Students in Cambridge are expected to remain here over the vacation. Students who are granted permission to return are allowed to do so and are encouraged to get an asymptomatic test as soon as possible upon arrival.

The email also announced that there will be a gradual plan for the reopening of Cambridge libraries including the UL, department and college libraries.

The Vice-Chancellor also said that the university exam timetable is under review, and will likely be extended to July 2nd. Finalists on undergraduate and postgraduate courses will have exams “scheduled as early as possible to enable them to graduate.”

The University is also looking into the possibility of “in-person graduation” ceremonies, depending on government restrictions.

Feature image credit: Louis Brettkelly