Submit your questions to Graham Virgo for The Tab’s interview with him!!!

Get your submissions in before Wednesday at 8 pm

Has Boris’ announcement, which largely ignored university students, left you dazed and confused? You’re not the only one.

The Cambridge Tab will be interviewing Graham Virgo, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor,  this Thursday, so this is your chance to ask him any questions you still have about online learning, exam mitigations, or the fate of Easter Term.

We want to hear what questions YOU want answered. We can’t guarantee that all your questions will get asked but we’ll try our best to reflect as many of your concerns as possible!

The university announced its exam mitigation plan last week, and Prof Virgo has previously spoken to Varsity about things like the automatic progression and impact statements, so bear that in mind when you submit your questions. If there’s anything you’re still looking for clarification on, now is your time to ask!

Questions could relate to longstanding concerns about Cambridge’s return policy, immediate worries about returning to Cambridge, or about plans for exam term. Be as specific as you like – no concern is too small or insignificant.

Please submit your questions before 8 pm on Wednesday.


Cover image credit: Joe Cook via Creative Commons Licence