News Column: Week Six

An attempt to distract from the Cindies news

The defining moment of week six has no doubt been the sad, tragic, practically unspeakable announcement that cindies will be shutting its doors. There were very nearly tears within my household as we recalled times of past, and mourned the loss of everyone’s favourite Wednesday night Rumboogie. 

Alas, the world keeps turning and believe it or not, there are other things going on in the world, and indeed in Cambridge, beyond Ballare’s sticky dancefloor:

RAG launch naked Blues calendar

RAG have released this year’s naked Blues calendar, meaning you can now obsess over some rugby lads and support charity at the same time! Calendars can be bought here for £10, with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. And if you’re salty that your sport wasn’t included, don’t forget the Tab’s best bums competition is still open! Between RAG blind dates and this, the RAG team are really doing bits for our love lives (read: unrealistic crushes) this year. 

Suddenly I have the desire to join athletics (Photo credits: Still vision photography)

Cambridge students support food banks

The Oxbridge rivalry continues, with 11 Cambridge colleges taking part in the “Great Obridge BOGOF” this week. This time, though, they’ve not collecting Varsity trophies but food collections for local food banks, with the competition element being which university, and which individual college will donate the greatest number of non-perishable items. 

The most important Oxbridge competition of the year Photo credits: Josh Tullock

The dancing continues for Queens’ students 

Worried that cindies closing means you won’t have any opportunities to show off your dance moves? Well if you’re at Queens’ worry not! A Just Dance society has been set up holding weekly, non-competitive Just Dance sessions, with the promise of future tournaments. The moment to show everyone your impeccable performance of Rasputin is honestly what we’ve all been waiting for, so I’m sure this is a cause we can all get behind. Down some VKs beforehand, chuck some more over your floor and ta-da the club experience has instantly been recreated.

Just look at that logo credit: queensjustdance via Instagram

Pret allows reusable cups again

If you’re feeling particularly inspired by Boris Johnson’s latest plans for a “green industrial revolution” (or not) you can now play your own part, as Pret are now accepting reusable cups again! We’ve seen the queue permanently outside pret, we know you’ve renewed your subscription (or are using your mum’s second email address to get another free trial) so you may as well bring along your keep cup and make your oat milk vanilla latte a tad more sustainable. 

Strange structures at St Catz

St Catz have erected a not-so-aesthetic tent in their front court, and we have questions. The tent (?) is being used as a makeshift dining hall whilst the dining hall undergoes renovations. Watch out Robinson,  you’ve got competition for the most unattractive college front. 

Almost enough to put you off your food Photo credits: Charissa Cheong

Diwali celebrations at Newnham

Every week may not be good, but there’s something good in every week! Newnham have been celebrating Diwali this week by giving out tubes of Henna to students and it’s so wholesome.

Stunning henna designs on display credit: newnham_jcr via Instagram

Here’s to hoping that week seven brings fewer covid cases, disposable coffee cups and announcements of club closures!