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A day in the life of an architecture student

Bold of you to assume we have a life

8:38 am

Wake up in someone else's room.

Just joking, this is an entirely platonic sleepover, because I'm from Girton and like to force my central college pals to take me in.

9:00 am
Go to Mainsburys to pick up food for breakfast – holy moly y'all central college people are privileged. Hands down I have never been into town this early.


Made pancakes for actual breakfast! We love third year architecture and no 9am lectures. I had a photo of my artistic, photo perfect pancakes but it would've given this article too many photos.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A LUXURY DAY IN THE LIFE – in a normal day in my life I have one single banana before dashing to the bike shed


Finally drag myself to department – the mysterious location that no one seems to know. It's a long way from Girton, ensuring that I get my full workout every morning.

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Home sweet home! The tiny house next to Engineering that doesn't have its own Snapchat location.


Hanging out in the studio and pretending to be productive anytime we don't have a lecture. Trust me, the studio has never been tidier (see cover photo).

Lecture time – or when architects "multitask" and continue to do their studio work, only away from the studio.

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Ever wonder how everyone can be furiously tapping away after the lecturer has only said hello? It's the architects on CAD (Computer Aided Drawing for the non-architects out there)


Lunch at the architects' favourite haunt, Judge Business School, or as we endearingly call it, J Biz. Who doesn't love sitting next to people with real, financially-sustainable future careers.


Cycling to Hobbycraft to get materials for a model (but really just to procrastinate). I bet you didn't know where Homebase, Screwfix, B&Q or Hobbycraft are in Cambridge! This is an educational post. (It's a 10 minute cycle past Anglia Ruskin)


Start realising that your work will never get done in time for tomorrow and begin to panic. Time to cancel plans and say goodbye to everything you love.

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Start getting hungry and regret every irresponsible decision to procrastinate I've made that led me here tonight. Thankfully, the architecture department is blessed with a corner shop opposite us! It's open till 7pm! What a life hack! (also for engineers and art historians in our ends!).


The duty of passing down the unhealthy working legacy to the young freshers is bestowed upon me – I extend studio opening hours past 7 as a duty student, and therefore commit to being imprisoned until 10pm.

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The only reason to become a duty student: the privilege of spamming everyone with my mass meme emails.


Furiously working on a model that I need to get done by tomorrow, and only started at 4pm. 3 hours ago. Time and space become irrelevant as you sit at the same desk from 10am in the morning. At least someone has taken over the aux now.

Self doubt creeps in and I start to regret all the hours I've put in so far today. If I were any less calm, the day's work would have ended up in the bin. I decide to stroll around the studio and distract myself by distracting everyone else.

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ARCSOC Welfare officer Christian Swallow: "Please put me and Bryan in the Tab?" Working hard or hardly working?

All Star by Smash Mouth starts blaring out the speakers. I don't have earphones in and kind of want to cease to exist. Reality is non-existent anymore. I just want to leave.


Someone takes over my duty shift and extends studio opening hours till 11. My model is done (enough for me to come back to it tomorrow), and I flee. I'm starving. I say I'm never coming back to this cursed space ever again, but proceed to turn up punctually at the studio in 12 hours anyway.


Here's another life hack! Half price at Wasabi half an hour before closing (you're welcome everyone). I would cycle home and cook usually, but making dinner at midnight in Girton is perhaps the most depressing activity for a Monday night. A group of architects are already there, and we feast after a long day of work.


I finally arrive in college, after a workout of a commute, and am met with the dilemma of procrastinating, doing some work that is not modelling, or to stop deceiving myself and just go to bed.


I finish procrastinating and at least attempt to produce some new work. I probably can do this tomorrow, but all rational reasoning has left my brain. Silly production mode: activated.

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What they look for in Cambridge architecture admissions; self doubt and self-destructive tendencies. Sleep deprivation? A weird flex.


I officially resign from my efforts to battle the guilt of unproductivity after an undrawn drawing and a scrappy infographic that can be easily interpreted as a weirdly formatted meme. I'm ready for bed and will remain there for the foreseeable few hours. Sleeping before 3am is a blessing for an architecture student.


Okay I lied, I'm still awake. Because, though I have no life and cherish sleep above all else; not making time for mindlessly scrolling through social media is too much of a sacrifice for me. I will regret this tomorrow, and repeat it anyway for every night to come.

I love architecture (a little bit) I swear, architecture just doesn't love me back. Hopefully, at the end of this degree, I'll only be left with the fond memories of dancing to bad playlists in the studio on a Saturday afternoon and lit ARCSOC ents.