The best of Cambridge’s best bums competition

The peachy highlights of previous years

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Let’s be real, best bums is the best competition ever. What else gives students a LEGIT excuse to 1) showcase their peach to the world 2) bare all in the most risqué place they’ll dare and 3) casually check out the juicy bum pics of their fellow Cantabs!?!?

Since we’re keeping you waiting another week to see this year’s submissions (hang on in there), we thought we’d treat you to a CHEEKY round up of some of the best and boldest entries of best bums past…

Cambridge: where you can find colleges, bridges, rivers… oh, and some seeeeriously juicy bums

Who says academia can't get a lil bit cheeky every now and then?

A misty morning on the cam and a juicy peach to go with it – oof!!

'Ooh, I can't quite reach this book on the influence of Decartes' meditations on contemporary western society….'

Bros who get their arses out together stay together – facts

As if a mighty fine peach isn't enough, this guy has some serious guns to go with it

If this isn't girl power then I don't know what is

"Just going for a quick drink with the guys…."

Since this competition began, The Tab's best bums has had a relatively homogenous (albeit beautiful) pack of entrants. We would really like to encourage entrants of all genders, races, abilities and shapes and sizes to enter our GLORIOUS celebration of Cambridge's bums.

You still have until 21st November to enter. Just send your submissions to [email protected]