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Review: Cambridge RAG Cam Dine With Me

A review of a night which runs the risk of being a complete disaster but could also be the best meal you have all term

My friend asked if I would like to sign up to do Cam Dine With Me through RAG where they pair you up with a random group of people and you all cook for each other. I agreed to it without really questioning what it was I was getting myself into and, this week, we finally all got together for our first meal.

The other group kindly volunteered to cook first. I had little idea of what awaited us as I wasn't too sure about the requirements or what was expected of each team.

However, suffice to say that the other team did fulfil the requirements and really pulled out all the stops.

Upon arriving, we were greeted very warmly with some jazz music and prosecco which was much appreciated after a long day. The table had been laid out in the hallway to accommodate for twelve people and was decorated with 'halloween-themed' flamingos and little menus.

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A real upgrade from the standard pasta or beans on toast – this menu could outdo some of the formals in Cambridge

Once we sat down, my friends and I glanced at the menu only to find that there had been four (yes FOUR) courses planned out for the evening.

We started with brushetta and homemade tapenade which was very impressive. For mains there were two: first a bowl of linguini chilli crab pasta beautifully garnished and next chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with mozarella with mushroom risotto and homemade (again!) pesto. Vegan options were also kindly provided and looked just as delicious.

I really thought that the night couldn't get any better until suddenly, an announcement was made and we were asked to go outside for the firework(s) which were provided as the entertainment for the night. For dessert we all had another culinary success; lemon sorbet – once again impressively homemade.

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I didn't manage to get any pics of the food they made so here's another random tasty-looking meal

The evening was really enjoyable and the food extremely impressive and exceeded all of our expectations. I honestly felt like it could have been served in a restaurant it was that good and we all half-joked that they should apply to go on MasterChef.

It's safe to say that our team is now absolutely terrified and needs to go all out in order to match this great night. It was a really enjoyable evening and a great way to meet people from different years and from outside college. Would recommend to absolutely anyone (if you can't cook I'm sure you can fake your way through it).

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