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The 11 craziest stories from Cambridge RAG’s LOST!

The weirdest things Cambridge students get up to in their 24 hours outisde the bubble

Every year, adventurous Cambridge students desperate to escape the Week Five Blues take part in Cambridge RAG’s LOST, escaping the bubble by getting dropped in an unknown location and trying to make it back to Cam in 24 hours with no money, while fundraising and completing loads of challenges on the way. All in fancy dress. Wild. With 2019’s LOST fast-approaching, here’s some of the craziest things people have done on LOST!

1. Fly in a plane!

In 2017, the LOST organisers set the challenge ‘fly in a plane’, not expecting anyone to manage it. But one team did – here’s video proof!

2. Crash a wedding!

Oddly enough, several teams do this every year – see this team from 2017:

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And this team from 2018:

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3. Ride in a police car

This 2017 LOST team were spotted riding in a police car – had their fundraising antics got them into trouble? Or were they just completing another one of LOST’s insane challenges?

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4. Deliver a baby

The teams got creative for this challenge – don’t worry, no real babies were harmed in the making of this article x x x

Team 37’s birth video is immortalised on Youtube:

As are some other memorable deliveries:

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Does what it says on the tin x

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5. Get a PERMANENT tattoo

In 2017 one LOST girl made sure she’d never forget it by getting a permanent tattoo! It wasn’t even one of the challenges, but mum and dad don’t need to know that….

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6. Get endorsed by Love Island(!!!!!!!)

In 2017 one lucky team got a tweet endorsing them and RAG from none other than Love Island’s Chris Hughes! We’re not sure if it did much for their fundraising efforts but it’s still pretty cool.

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7. Ride a unicycle

These teams wanted to complete the final leg of the journey in the most unique way possible, with varying levels of success:

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Not pictured: the end result (flat on her face)

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Midnight desperation…

8. Dye their hair blue!

Dying your hair blue is a common feature of LOST, but why – for a challenge, to mark yourself out as a LOST survivor, or just for the #lolz? There’s only one way to find out… do LOST!

Here’s some teams with the classic blue hair:

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Group hair-dye – a sign of true team spirit

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9. Find their doppelgänger!

This challenge was harder than you’d think, since most of the teams were in fancy dress. Nevertheless, some managed it, and got a photo together – talk about twinning!

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Some Princess Leah twins…

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…and Toy Story triplets!

10. Go on the radio

We’ve had several teams go live on radio to talk about RAG and LOST – I guess some people just can’t pass up the chance for 15 minutes of fame! Here’s 2018’s team 28 on BBC Radio Norfolk:

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And this 2017 team on the radio in Nottingham:

11. Hit up a rival uni

Teams did this in several ways, be it giving a cheeky lecture at UEA:

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Going to a lecture at another uni? Talk about dedication to the degree

…or hitting up UEA Student’s Union:

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CUSU who??

….or even swapping shirts with Oxf*rd:

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Putting the rivalry aside for charity, an example for us all

… and all for a good cause!

Those are just some of the craziest things people have done while taking part in LOST. Sounds like your kind of thing? Head to the RAG website to find out more!

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