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Best dressed in Cambridge: Week Two

This week’s BDOCs

It’s getting colder, work is piling up, and yet Cambridge students have nevertheless managed to dazzle with their outfits this week. I scoured Cambridge to find the best dressed students around, and stumbled across these incredible looks, ranging from ‘Horse Girl turned CEO’ to ‘Winter Yeezus’.


College: Fitzwilliam

Year: 3rd

Subject: HSPS

Style inspiration: Liv Tyler

Look she’s going for: ‘Bit French, bit tomboyish’

Spotted: Arc Café


College: Homerton

Year: 2nd

Subject: English

Style inspiration: Oscar Wilde

Look she’s going for: ‘Horse girl turned CEO’. Love that.

Spotted: Sidgwick Site

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Oscar Wilde chic

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College: Fitzwilliam

Year: 1st year grad

Subject: Real Estate Finance

Style inspiration: Will Smith

Look he’s going for: ‘Winter Yeezus’ (note the Yeezy boots, very boujee)

Spotted: Sidgwick Site

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Interesting – and innovative – hat storage


College: Pembroke

Year: 1st

Subject: Natural Sciences

Style inspiration: ‘Classical’

Look she’s going for: ‘Fashionable’.

Spotted: Pembroke College

This coat is RADIANT


College: Wolfson

Year: 1st year grad

Subject: MPhil English (Criticism and Culture)

Style inspiration: Solange/ Mitski

Look he’s going for: ‘Normy, I guess’

Spotted: Waterstones Café, Sidney Street

The unintentional colour coordination with the Waterstones Café interior was great


College: Pembroke

Year: 3rd

Subject: Land Economy

Style inspiration: Andy Warhol

Look he’s going for: 'Edgy Presidential'

Spotted: Pembroke Street

This pose alone is 'Edgy Presidential'


College: Trinity

Year: 2nd

Subject: History

Style inspiration: ‘My mum’

Look she’s going for: ‘Sustainable fashion’ (she only buys second-hand clothes)

Spotted: Silver Street

Sustainable fashion has never looked so good

Stay tuned for another selection of Cambridge's best dressed next week, and maybe see yourself featured here soon…