Scammer targets Cambridge students for cash

Young woman pretends to be in need of money

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Cambridge students have been made aware of a scam artist operating in the city.

This was brought up by a Murray Edwards student who encountered a young woman claiming to have had her bag stolen and demanding money to get home.

The student was eventually pressured into giving £40 to the woman out of fear, and reported the matter to her senior tutor, who has passed the information onto other colleges.

An email sent to Peterhouse undergraduates by the JCR president

It is believed that this is the same woman who was encountered by a number of students last year.

One email sent on behalf of the Cambridge Police in January 2019 warned students about "A female described as white, around 19 years old, with brown hair and reasonably well spoken is approaching members of public appearing dishevelled", who would approach students to ask for money to help her return to London.

An email sent by college staff to Peterhouse students in January

One anonymous student, who came across the scammer last academic year, said: "I’m quite surprised to hear that the scammer is still operating. Numerous people have reported her activities to the police so I would have expected her to have been stopped by now.

"My friends and I knew about the scam before we met her so we did not give her any money but lots of people have been less lucky so it is a shame that she is still operating."

To report having encountered this scammer to the police students should call 101, the non-emergency number for crime and they may also wish to contact their senior tutor.

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