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Dr Peter Hutchinson readmitted to Trinity Hall after being ‘permanently removed’ for sexual harassment

The MML fellow will ‘continue to attend certain college events’ after a series of sexual misconduct allegations spanning more than a decade

Dr Hutchinson was accused and cleared of sexual misconduct allegations in 2005-06, admitting to Norwich Crown Court that he twice patted the accuser on her bottom, telling police 'I cannot understand how something which seemed so trivial was so important to her."

In 2015, 10 female students accused Dr Hutchinson of making comments of an "inappropriate and sexist nature" during teaching sessions, leading to his agreeing to "withdraw permanently" from undergraduate contact and releasing a statement expressing "deep sorrow and regret".

Two years later, he was placed under investigation for breaching his ban from undergraduate contact and found to have attended social events with students present, leading to Trinity Hall announcing that he had "withdrawn permanently from any further involvement with college affairs… he will not be present in college at any time in the future".

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The accuser from 2005 said that she was ‘staggered by the college’s decision-making’. @elliepyemont

Dr Hutchinson has since been readmitted to Trinity Hall, with the college writing that after "legal advice", they had agreed Dr Hutchinson’s name was mistakenly removed from the online list of Emeritus Fellows, having automatically been granted this position on his retirement.

Also in the college statement includes a line that the 2017 release that Dr Hutchinson was "permanently withdrawing" from college life had "not been agreed with Dr Hutchinson and was incorrect", and closes with that "In line with the rights and privileges afforded to Emeritus Fellows of the College, Dr Hutchinson will continue to attend certain College events and to exercise his dining rights, but will not attend events primarily aimed at students or alumni except by agreement with the College."

This statement has replaced his biography on the college contact directory.

The university service Breaking the Silence includes advice on support and reporting for victims of sexual harassment, and this is the direct link for its anonymous reporting .

Here are links to Trinity Hall’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and here is a link to the college website describing Trinity Hall as ‘a supportive community, where students and staff play an active role in looking after one another’.

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