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Book returned to Cambridge University Library 60 years late

Procrastination to the absolute max

The book 'Cultures and Societies of Africa' was returned to Gonville and Caius library by a former alumnus last Wednesday almost 60 years late.

It was returned to the main University Library who tweeted "Better late than never!" Phenomenal banter.

The item was still listed as missing on the library's system. The UL also tweeted "Suffice to say we waived the fine" which, at today's rate of £1.50 per week, would have been around £4,700 according to a BBC calculation.

It is unclear whether the book was deliberately or mistakenly kept. The University Library joked: "Must have been a great book – or a very slow reader". I guess we all have those weeks (or years).

It can certainly serve as reassurance to anyone who has ever handed in an overdue book: this must certainly be a new record.

The book has now been restored to its rightful place on the library shelves ready to be borrowed again – let's just hope that it doesn't take another 60 years for it to be returned.

Cover Photo Source: Cambridge University Library Twitter