Cambridge tops Complete University Guide… again.

Officially the best in the UK.

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The release of the Complete Universities Guide 2020 has confirmed what we all already knew: that Cambridge is, once again, the best university in the UK.

The university has held this position since 2012, when it supplanted The Other Place (who have been second ever since.) Cambridge holds the highest score for entry standards (224, based off the average number of UCAS tariff points for accepted applicants), and overall comes out at 1000, beating O*ford by 11 points.

Poor Old Durham

Student satisfaction was actually lower than some of the other high ranking universities – 4.09 to Loughbrough's 4.18 – but as everyone thick in the midst of exam season can attest, happiness does in fact come second to those grades.*

*This is the university's position and not the editorial position of the Tab.

Well done, everyone, and remember to keep this prestigious institution's reputation squeaky clean by getting absolutely slaughtered in May Week in celebration.

Cover photo: Fiona McNally