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The Tab Talks with the REAL Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort talks sex, drugs and DiCaprio.

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The Tab: Describe to me your average day back at Stratton Oakmont.

Jordan Belfort: Oh boy. I’d wake up about an hour and a half before my wife. I’d wake up at 5 so I could take my first four ludes (Quaaludes) because I wanted to go up and down before she could catch me. Ludes make you really high and then you’re sober it’s bizarre. It’s not like being drunk, you’re high and then you’re straight. So I’d take the first four before she woke up so I’d be sober when she came down.

Then I’d wait for about another hour and do a couple of lines to even it out. Then I’d go to work, make a few million bucks. Go out and grab some sushi at 12. Take three more Quaaludes during lunch. Do a little more cocaine.

Then we’d have a little contest to see who could do the most drugs. We’d be falling down in the street together until 2:30 right. Then we’d disappear for a half hour. We’d get sober and go back to the office. Then I’d go back to the firm and do my training and an afternoon closing meeting. And then get high again. It was totally nuts.

The Tab: Can you describe to me your average day now?

Jordan Belfort: I wake up and the first step is terrible. Everyone over 50 will tell you that it hurts when you take that first step out of bed. I currently have a problem with my shoulder and need surgery, but before that I used to wake up every day and play tennis for 90 minutes.

Then I go to work, do something with my business. Then just hang out with my wife. At night we just get in bed and watch movies. When I’m home I’m very happy and content to be in bed with my wife and enjoying good food and watching good movies and talking. And, of course, having sex as much as possible.

The Tab: Nothing’s changed there then I see

Jordan Belfort: Haha yeah. Just with one person now though.

The Tab: How many times have you watched the Wolf of Wall Street film?

Jordan Belfort: I’ve actually watched it very recently. It came out on Netflix so my wife and I were like we have to watch it right. I’ve watched it 7 or 8 times throughout the years. Maybe more. I don’t really watch the whole thing… like I see a bad part I’m like okay yea I think that’s enough now.

The Tab: Did you get to choose who played you in the film?

Jordan Belfort: I did. I chose Leo.

The Tab: What did you think of his performance of you?

Jordan Belfort: Amazing. He’s amazing he’s a very talented guy and he’s immortalised me. I’ll probably always be remembered now because of that movie. Pretty awesome.

The Tab: What’s the best answer to your infamous question ‘sell me this pen’?

Jordan Belfort: The thing about ‘sell me this pen’ is it’s a test to see if a salesperson understands that you can’t sell someone something without asking them questions. So when you ask ‘sell me this pen’, the correct response is ‘ok so tell me how long have you been in the market for a pen’. And if the person turns you down then call it a day.

I don’t sell to people who don’t want things. The biggest mistake salesmen make is trying to sell to everyone. I only want to sell to qualified buyers.

The Tab: If you were to offer one piece of advice to students at Cambridge, what would it be?

Jordan Belfort: Delay your gratification. Good things take time. Play the long game, don’t pay the get rich quick game.

Jordan Belfort's visit to Cambridge was organised by The Cambridge Guild, who hosted his visit to St. John's Old Divinity School where he discussed his life on Wall Street, in prison, and since as a motivational speaker.