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Date for Cambridge’s first ever Pride announced!

The Jesus Green will be the stage for a celebration of Cambridge’s LGBT+ community

Cambridge's first ever Pride event will take place 8th June 2019 on the Jesus Green!

Originally scheduled for 2018, hopes for Cambridge's first ever Pride event are coming to fruition this June!

Planners hope that the event will include a main stage, parade, marquees for local acts to perform and local charity and community stalls. The Pink Festival Group, who are organising the event, have emphasised their decision to make Pride a free event in order to maximise access.

The Pink Festival Group are currently fundraising here in order to bolster their financial capital for the organisation of this summer's Pride. The Group raised around half the necessary funds in the 2018 Prelude to Pride events, grants and sponsorships, but are now reaching out for 'direct support from the community' to deliver on the event this summer.

For certain donation amounts, the organisers are offering 'perks' to sponsors, including tickets to the After Party and a Cambridge Pride t-shirt.

At time of writing, The Group had raised 4% of the £4,000 goal.

Glitterbomb on Jesus Green?! There's no better way to end Easter Term.