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Giles, studying Land Economy at Girton

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Giles gazes gallantly at the glorious growth of the shrubbery beyond the bridge, galvanising passers by with his gusto in geomorphogeny and geoponics.

Esmerelda, studying MML at Queens’

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A fan of the element of water, edgy Esmerelda energises her mornings by breezing along the river Cam, cautiously considering the conspicuous nature of a competition to crown one’s callipygous.

Barry, studying Law at Fitzwilliam, and Clive, studying Maths at Churchill

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Barry, fresh from the balneary, braves his bombosity to the brisk climates of an autumnal Cambridge morning. He joins his charismatic compeer, Clive, in their daily activity of analysing the architecture of the chapel not so far away.

Henrietta, studying Natural Sciences at Homerton

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Henrietta hastily hunts for a book on harmonious horticulture, to further support her arguments for the hederaceous nature of the hortensial world.

Theodore, studying Vet Med at Jesus

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Theodore the tastevin perches thoughtfully upon the terrace of a top secret location, believed to be somewhere in town. He assesses the tasks of theriatrics, and thinks they are terrific.

Camilla, studying English at Trinity

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Camilla casually considers the catacoustics of the cool structure of the bridge in which she has found herself amidst. There is a sensation of suspiration which she struggles to locate.

Antonio, studying Philosophy at Magdalene

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Amorous Antonio acquires knowledge in academicism, anthroposophy and several schools of philosophical thought as he longs for the day to become aprique once again.

Penelope, studying Classics at Murray Edwards

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Penelope peers out of the window in a perscrutation to spot the perfect plenilune. She wistly wonders whether the residents across the road are doing the same thing.

Leonard, studying Geography at Robinson

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Leonard longs to become literary, as he lovingly looks upon the library before him. He is lachrymose, for he must continue to colour maps.

Diana, studying Engineering at Christ’s

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Daring Diana dangerously directs her punt across the (not quite) diaphanous waters and into the depths of the Cambridge forests, all in the name of discovering dendrology.