Pep talk & a playlist: You Got This!

Music to inspire (ill-fated) confidence

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Cambridge can be a daunting place at times (and, in other news, the sky continues to be blue and the USA is still presided over by a sentient tangerine trying to make mass administrative incompetence great again).

Whether it’s the intellectual torment, I mean challenge, of the day or the overwhelming sensation that it is simply not feasible to juggle work, a social life and sleep all at once, Cambridge is not an easy ride. Or even a medium ride. Or a hard ride. In fact, it can be just plain impossible.

It seems like each new dawn brings with it a new and exciting way for you to muddle through your degree with all the grace and elegance of a hippopotamus wearing a tutu. Or a monkey with a typewriter.

Photographic evidence of me actually doing my degree…sometimes, Image by TSKIRDE: PIXABAY

However, despite the rotating doors of deadlines and despair, there is still hope. There is still light at the end of yonder tunnel…yonder strange, semi-medieval tunnel filled with stacks of paper and about fifty thousand cans of red bull. Because you (yes, you) can do it (sort of).

Yes, you heard it here first! Well…your mum might have beat us to the punch, but nobody’s perfect. You are somewhat capable!

Please accept this sign of digital approval from me…a bona fide expert, Image by CREATIVE COMMONS

And what’s more, you are far from alone. In the words of Lewis Carroll (or, perhaps more memorably, an overly joyous fictitious cat), “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad”.


So, from one individual of questionable sanity to another, enclosed in this article (meandering/ramble/nonsense) is a playlist to stimulate the development of some form of passable self-belief when you need it most.

Behold, ladies and gents, the playlist of the semi-competent quasi-adult with an inferiority complex! Feast your eyes on the list of tracks that would convince even the most dismal of characters to don an inane grin and do the Lambada (for those of you who are supervised by them, you’re welcome for the nightmares)! Gaze upon the music that inspired this sleep deprived, semi-hungover, caffeine-addled car crash of a human being to make it to third year without a single Britney-Spears-head-shaving incident!…Yet. There’s still time.

To Britney or not to Britney; that is the question, Image by IMPENDING MENTAL BREAKDOWN

Yes! Go forth, young ones! Listen to this and stride with ill-fated confidence towards the land of gowns, punts and unnecessarily convoluted pre-dinner speeches! You’ve got this! Or at least an adequate amount of it!


1. “Ordinary” – Two Door Cinema Club

2. “AKA…What A Life!” – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

3. “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher” – Jackie Wilson

4. “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” – Fall Out Boy

5. “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” – The Darkness

6. “Back Again” – You Me At Six

7. “Natural” – Imagine Dragons

8. “Thunderstruck” – AC/DC

9. “I Don’t Wanna Stop” – Ozzy Osbourne

10. “Don’t Stop Me Know – Remastered” – Queen

Gentle Reminder: This playlist and others are available on the Tab’s Spotify account…no pressure, just putting it out there…somewhat emphatically…okay, very emphatically…