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Run Fresher Run

(Around Cambridge)

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Cambridge is a great place to run if, like me, you hate running up hills. Here are 4 easy running routes you can use to explore your new city. A perfect opportunity to run off last night’s cheesy chips, run away from your new “friends” (or with them?) and get to know what exists around town.

1. Eddington
Route number 1 starts from Magdalene bridge:

Run all the way up Huntingdon Road passing Medwards and Fitz on your left. Just after you get to The Beefeater Pub take a left and you will find yourself at number 1: Eddington’s new outdoor gym. Dotted around the field are various benches/bars for you to add in some strength or ab exercises, or just have a little rest. As you continue on the track you will see a giant Sainsbury’s (2). The path is clear and, following it to the end, will take you out onto Storey’s Way. Run down here past Fitz and Churchill, turning left to join Madingley road. Follow this road, keeping left when you get to the roundabout, and you will end up at the crossroads. Then just run back down the hill and you will be back at Magdalene Bridge.

2. West Cambridge
2 starts from Sidgwick Site:

Run all the way up West Road and turn right onto Grange road, running past the Rugby Club. Run straight down this road, passing Robinson College and then turn left onto Adam’s Road. At the end of this road you will see the Athletics Ground and there is a cycle track to the right of it. Run down here past the nice green fields, bear right and follow the path over the bridge. Now you are at the West Cambridge Site, where the University Sport’s Centre is. You can run around there for a bit and when you are ready, turn around and run back!

3. River Run

Route 3 starts from Sainsbury’s. The life-blood of the student experience.

Run straight down Bridge street, past Curry King and the Mitre until you get to Magdelene Bridge. Turn right, running past the punts and Las Iguanas, alongside the river. At the end of this track you will emerge onto Jesus Green. The riverside path will take you past the tennis courts, past the Lido and eventually onto Midsummer Common. You can follow the river for as long as you like and then cross over one of the many bridges and run back along the other side. This route is really good if you like running early in the mornings: it’s especially pretty and quiet then (and you get to see many attractive people rowing).

4. Grantchester Meadows
Route 4 starts at the Millworks (which is also a really good place for brunch):

Behind the Millworks is a little path which goes up to the main road. Run down here and cross the road at the top into a park (Llamas Land). There is a path that runs diagonally through the park, coming out at a main road. When you get to the main road bear left onto Grantchester Street and run straight down this road, past a co-op. Bear right down Etisley Avenue and then join a gravelly path. Run down here and you will join a path that goes all the way through Grantchester Meadows to Grantchester (where there are many nice pubs).

Fun fact: This route has also been the site of many Crushbridges. So, who knows – you may be able to get fit and meet the love of your life. Two birds one stone.