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Life VK price raised as 4 for £10 deal SCRAPPED

£3.33 for 250ml of glorified squadka is an objectively terrible deal.

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Last night, Cambridge students (at least the two I spoke to and myself) expressed outrage as it became apparent that Vinyl (formerly Kuda, venue to Friday and Sunday Life) had raised VK prices to an unprecedented level. Previously you could buy 4 VKs for £10, whereas now you only receive 3 drinks for the same money.

4, a famously divisible number, allowed loyal consumers to divide their VKs between 4 or 2 people. This latter option provided you and a friend with the benefits of both a short-term strawpedo and a long-term drink. 3, on the other hand, is a notoriously tricky prime number, meaning you'll either have to share your VKs with two other friends, or stand awkwardly with all three.

More positively, the move could be interpreted as lowering the price of £10 to 3 VKs. The Tab is reaching out to Vinyl for comment.

Updates to follow…