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The ‘Stormzy Scholarship’ comes to Cambridge

We’re blinded by his grace

#news black student BME Stormzy University of Cambridge

Stormzy has launched his very own scholarship for two Black students to come to the University of Cambridge.

He will provide the tuition fees and maintenance grant for four years of an undergraduate course.

Stormzy has committed to this generous programme for 2018, and it will be continued in 2019 by Youtube Music who jumped on board afterwards.

The application deadline is 30 August.

This is not the first time Stormzy has shown his generosity towards helping Black students to get to university, it was only last year that he gave Fiona Asiedu, the Vice President of Oxford's African-Caribbean Society, £9000 to go to Harvard University for further studies.

After countless reports of low BME student admission rates to certain colleges and a general atmosphere of under-representation, this exciting scholarship comes at the perfect time.