BREAKING: Grudgebridge declares war on drinking societies

Grudgebridge calls for information to expose and condemn Cambridge drinking societies

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The admins of the popular student page, Grudgebridge, have released a post stating that they are "dedicated to taking down drinking societies". Following the Trinity Hall Crescents scandal, exposed by Grudgebridge on Monday, the facebook page hopes to trigger a falling "chain of dominos which ends with the eradication of these little-boy clubs, all of which are on the wrong side of history".

Grudgebridge is calling for information about any drinking societies in Cambridge, having deleted all previous submissions to the page. It requests "truthful" stories with specific society names and college affiliations in order to shove it "in the face of JCR's, MCR's and college/uni authorities" and "have real impact".

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The Grudgebridge admins condemn such drinking societies as a "blight on access", reinforcing the perception of Cambridge as an "old-boys club". The criticisms extend to the "inherently chauvinistic" nature of these organisations – the Grudgebridge admin explains that a friend was "drugged" and "hospitalised" by one such group.

The post intends to break the "popular consensus of silence", and challenge the "nepotistic hierarchies" and "exclusionary principles" of, what Grudgebridge calls, "networking grounds for public school boys".

Further, the post specifies the sort of actions its informants should look out for: "patronising or antisocial behaviour, expressions by any member of classist/racist/transphobic/misogynistic/homophobic views (this includes implicit), behaviour on swaps, disrespect towards women and sexual assault, violence or even just the general perception you have of a drinking society you are aware of or had contact with".

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This announcement follows an earlier attack on the Crescents

The post concludes with a final call to arms, warning that this attack may simply send some drinking societies "underground" or make them "reorganise themselves more informally": "If this does indeed happen DON'T STOP. I believe that we can do this".

Will Grudgebridge emerge as the new vanguard against elitism and archaic behaviour? Will this post trigger a purge of drinking societies in Cambridge? Only time will tell.