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The Porter’s Log is releasing a book!

All profits are going to RAG

As there's nothing that The Tab enjoys more than giving free publicity to their competitors, we can bring you the exclusive scoop on the mysterious satiric outlet's latest endeavour: a collection of the website's most popular pieces, all bound together in shiny new hardback.

And for all you cynics out there, 100% of the profits are going to RAG.

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The Tab is confused by this offline format. What does it mean? How can I read it?

The Porter's Log is a student-run satirical website, which describes itself as 'inhabiting the murky depths of the online world'. It is produced by enigmatic and witty undergrads and postgrads from 10 Cambridge colleges, whose names and identities are protected by the Data Protection Act more closely than: international nuclear launch codes, the recipe for coca-cola, and the identity of Jack the Ripper.

This writer has met the clandestine Editor of the Porter's Log, and is principally writing this piece in order to, somehow, get work experience at Private Eye through him, though she is not sure how this will pan out.

An editor from The Porter’s Log said:

“Having spent three years inhabiting the murky depths of the online world, it feels good to be finally entering reality with a solid, physical book you can actually hit people with. We’ve been busy writing lots of new material so that there will be plenty in the book to attract even the most avid Porter’s Log readers, if such people exist.”

Based on its own press release, the Porter's Log is the most popular student-run satirical magazine in the UK, and is so furtive its presence is not even registered as a student society. It has an impressive 7,135 followers on Facebook. (The Tab has 16k likes, you could make it 16,001 here.)

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Real life image of the Porter's Log editorial team

RAG is the prolific student-run charity fundraiser behind Jailbreak, Blind Date, and Formal Freedom (the Tab really should learn about monetisation of promotions). The Chair of RAG, Louis Slater, has commented :

“The Porter’s Log is hilarious and the fact that they’re working with us to raise money for a bunch of amazing charities is incredible. It’s like Comic Relief, but so much better.”

Powerful stuff.

As you might reasonably expect, the book is available to pre-order here from the 26th April, until the 11th May. In a move demonstrating unprecedented business acumen, the print run will be based on pre-order numbers (a rate hopefully bumped by the Tab's generous and unprincipled co-operation). Where else can you buy Cambridge – centered satire for only £5? (apart from the meals at the Sidgewick buttery, of course. #hireme @ the Porter's Log.)