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Cambridge tops rankings EIGHT years running

First the boat race, then uni challenge, Cambridge keeps topping Oxford

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Cambridge students love a good league table and so has not failed to disappoint. Cambridge is still on top with Oxford in a sorry second for the 8th year in a row. Soz Ox.

Additionally, Cambridge tops 32 subject rankings with Oxford managing 6, Strathclyde a respectable 7 and Glasgow and St Andrews 5 and 3 respectively. Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial also feature in the top ten ranking for every subject that is taught within the university.

Behind Oxbridge came LSE in 3rd, Imperial in 4th, and St Andrews in 5th after reaching 3rd last year. However, the league table also commented on possible grade inflation by universities as 23 out of the 24 top British universities gave at least 80% of their students at least a 2:1, with Lancaster being the only exception.

There were also some DRAMATIC movers and shakers within the league table with Staffordshire uni climbing a whopping 32 places and Aberdeen managing a 12 place climb. On the other hand Middlesex snaked down 32 places and my hometown of Hull now rests in 94th after a 20 place drop.

The top ten universities remained unchanged this year though. Seems like the crème de la crème is here to stay.