Henry Weighill

Henry Weighill
Cambridge University


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When the going gets tough, the tough take a gap year

Will I survive the year in Italy, stay tuned folks…

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For those of you with a lack of purpose and too much free time

Grudgebridge taken down! (again)

More turbulent times @ Grudgebridge central

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News so hot you’re gonna get burned

NEW Cambridge Admissions Stats: South-East and London equals rest of UK

Statistics also reveal subject and gender disparities

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Henry and Flora back at it again with the news you NEED TO KNOW

Government intervenes in campus free speech

Universities Minister wishes to take action against ‘no-platforming’ at campuses nationwide

Compensation for strike action demanded by Cambridge students

Strikes have caused rising feeling that students deserve reimbursement for their missed hours

Cambridge tops rankings EIGHT years running

First the boat race, then uni challenge, Cambridge keeps topping Oxford

Cambridge going even more private?

Financial deficits means university could privatise and increase fees

Over 400,000 Cam email addresses found on dark web

Is the university doing enough to protect our data?

Facebook attacks Cambridge Academic for ‘illegal’ use of 50 million users’ data

Facebook has banned Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis firm used by the Trump campaign

Are changes to university fees really going to help students?

The government’s latest plans to overhaul the system

Bursting the Cambridge bubble: what exactly is it?

Like I’m a Celeb, but with more breakdowns

UCAS Cambridge Starter Pack

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