BREAKING: UUK and USS reach agreement over pensions strike

UUK say the agreement is a result of industrial action

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An e-mail sent to all members of the academic union at the centre of the pensions dispute, the University and College Union (UCU), reports that UUK has struck a deal with the Universities Superannuation Scheme, which concedes to the demands of striking university staff.

Union members in over 61 universities have taken industrial action for four weeks, and had prepared to continue the strike into the rest of the academic year, potentially disrupting end of year examinations.

However, this most recent development suggests the end may be in sight. In her e-mail, UCU General secretary Sally Hunt describes the action that will be taken to resolve the conflict, by holding a reevaluation of university pensions.

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A panel composed of actuaries and academics will lead this review, to reach a joint agreement over the value of University pensions. Following these agreements, the panel will also consider the Teachers' Pension Scheme, the relationship of the government with the USS, and more generally developing more productive and useful relations between all concerned institutions.

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(Sally Hunt needs to sort out her e-mail html coding.)

Industrial action taken by striking University Staff is noted as a key instigator for the beginning of these concessions, and academic staff are invited to evaluate the suitability of the discussions' outcome. UCU have said that this new proposal will be considered by its member branches on Wednesday 28th March.

After weeks of stalemate, it seems that today's developments mark the beginning of the end of this protracted, emotive, and difficult strike action.

The University of Cambridge has been contacted for comment.