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Clubbers of the Week

Week 5 edition

Despite the perils which inevitably worm their way into the life of a Cantab during the dreaded Week 5, we were glad to see that plenty of you still made it out, captured by those pesky club photographers immortalising the good, the bad and the seriously questionable for us all to enjoy this week as a bit of light procrastination…

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"Have I told you about my blue yet?"

In a normal club, cashmere sweaters and obnoxiously coloured ties would never be encouraged, but this is Cambridge remember and truly anything goes, especially if it's a feigned attempt to dress casual and exhibit the fact that you're a Blue. I just like his expression, it's almost like he's explaining his get-up at length to his fellow Life-goers… or to whoever cares to listen.

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Life: one of the best student nights out in Cambridge… and ideal for stalking your chirpse…

A nice photo until you see it… a zoomed in photo of some mysterious lad's face. Why? Who is he? What is his connection with these fine ladies? Was he brought up on screen for the mere purpose of this photo or were they caught mid-stalk and immortalised on the Life Facebook page for all to see? This photo is kind of intriguing, kind of creepy… I hope they found him?

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I have never seen such extremes of emotion captured in one photo so well…

Blinded by that piercing camera glare or genuinely so delighted to be gracing the sticky floors and dripping ceilings on a Sunday night? Also, can we address what's going on stage right and left? A striking contrast to the gleeful grins of this charming pair; disgust, horror… what could they have seen? I don't really want to know the specifics, but something really must be said of Life; for what other place could truly arouse such extremes of emotion captured so perfectly in one fleeting shot?

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Tuning out the chirpsing going on behind you?

Music too loud? You heard enough Now 25 throwbacks that you just can't bear it any longer? Or are you sheltering your ears from the incessant small-talk surrounding you as Rebecca from Magdalene shouts her name for the seventh time to that guy who has been dancing pretty much on top of you for the last 20 minutes.

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Didn't get the memo 😛

There always has to be one… or two, I guess their pal on the right wasn't briefed on the 'tounges out' or perhaps she sensibly opted for a more normal stance. Regrettably, Life does have more in common with a Year 8 disco where someone managed to sneak in some booze than an actual 'club', so I guess they get away with it this time as there is just something very "year-8 esque'' about this photo; a throwback to better days of innocence and carefree partying as well as the cringeworthy poses which you now look back on in shame.

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Feel you girl

You just came out to boogie and have an aggressively average night out… until that sweaty lad who has been sipping on the same tropical VK for about an hour worms his way from behind into your circle… *cue this very reaction*. We think she's nailed it, you may very well recognise yourself when looking into the bothered and bewildered eyes of this gal.

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Loving the VK and stash co-ordination

Shit…did you go to Varsity? Are you a blue? GDBO am I right?! You really would not have guessed from those shockingly blue uniforms which were out in full force over the course of the last week… The girl in the front is a particular favourite; she's loving the blue's life and has also managed to co-ordinate her VK's with her outfit: 10/10 for effort and execution, you really couldn't be more Blues if you tried.

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Cheerleaders + a keen fan?

Sorry mate, you do stick out without an ridiculously large ribbon tied to your flowing locks. Also, that Hawaiian shirt is anything but subtle in the sea of lycra which surrounds you…

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An interesting scene. Is she insanely tall? Hyped to be at Life? Or is she simply taking the well-played chorus of a certain S Club 7 song literally? I'm not sure about her friend who appears to be either taken aback or actually quite enjoying herself, the girl on the right, however, isn't so impressed by this exhibition…

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Is she frightened? Appalled at how many Jaegers she's consumed that entire evening? Or spotted something else lurking in the background, unseen to us? It would not surprise me at all, but really, if you consult the night out photos from the bog standard uni club, you will be highly unlikely to find anything parallel to some of the golden moments which make their way onto the camera roll of the Cindies/Life photographers – what a fantastic time they must have capturing all of us in all our drunken stupor…

Until next week!