Colin Jackson takes Cambridge by storm

Big time athlete wows at university sports track

Not just another another day at the track for the CUAC athletes as they were greeted by none other than Colin Jackson.

The Olympic silver medalist who won not only medals for the 110m hurdles but also the Great British public’s heart when competing on Strictly Come Dancing (we asked and he does indeed remember some steps and demonstrated them), was at the Wilberforce sports ground today to film a promotional video for the charity Wings of Life.

The charity, with which he is deeply involved is the organiser of the World Run, a worldwide event which aims to raise money to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

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A great man supporting a great cause

His arrival drew in not only members of the university club but also other aspiring athletes, young and old alike, showing that no matter the age or gender, anyone and everyone was welcome to join to help raise awareness for a good cause.

After welcoming everyone and explaining his involvement with the charity and why the run means so much to the organisation as well as answering any more personal questions that may have been asked, everyone hit the track.

Shooting the video involved only one lap, run at a pace that allowed everyone to be involved and feel comfortable, including two athletes in wheelchairs.

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The calm before the storm

Although the video took little time to shoot, Colin made it clear that he had time to thank everyone involved, stopping for countless photos.

He put up with all the fan-girling (boys included) with grace and charm proving yet again why he is one of GB’s sporting sweethearts, signing not only personal items but also two of CUAC’s own hurdles and a vest for the club to auction off at their annual dinner to raise funds.

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Think the stupid grin says it all

All in all not only was it an honour for all involved to meet him and to be able to help Wings of Life, it was also an absolute pleasure to be able to welcome him and chat with him.

He proved to be a very charismatic man and a great sport, allowing himself to be roped into filming yet another video, this one orchestrated by the Alligators in which he shouted the club mantra of “GDBO” showing that he also clearly has impeccable taste in university and will hopefully be supporting our athletes when they compete against O*ford on the 3rd of March.

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The World Run this year will take place on May 6th and is open to all, the signup fee is a donation to the charity itself so get signing up, it’s sure to be an incredible event. For more information, visit the site: to see how you can get involved here in Cambridge!