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Cam FM to run 24 hour radio marathon for mental health

It’s time to talk

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C/N- discussions of mental health

Cam FM 97.2 are to run a 24 hour radio marathon for SANE, a charity focused on mental health. The student radio show will focus the broadcast around mental health issues and awareness.

The event will run from Saturday 10th February at 10am for 24 hours. Cam FM have promised 'a variety of shows, games, talks and shenanigans from over 25 Cam FM presenters from both ARU and Cambridge University.'

They will be raising money for SANE, who research different mental health sectors, offer advice to those in need and run campaigns to decrease the stigma around mental health and encourage an open environment where people can talk about their feelings.

Student Minds Cambridge organises campaigns to raise awareness about mental health issues and encourage self-care

Recently, the Tab's Mental Health rankings found that whilst Cambridge was above average in providing funding for mental health, it's performance in satisfaction ratings placed the university 27th out of 47 universities.

Mental health issues have lead to over 1,180 students to drop out of university from 2014-2015, according to a report from The Guardian. Campaigns such as 'Time to Talk' and 'Student Minds Cambridge' work hard to remove stigma around mental health and encourage open discussion, but more can always be done.

Cam FM hope that the broadcast will act as 'a direct way of the universities working together to talk on air about mental health, anecdotes and a way to raise money to help those in need.'