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Could YOU be Cambridge’s Biggest BNOC of 2018?

It’s time.

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The anticipation is over. The competition you've all been waiting for has finally arrived and it's ready to massage/shatter the egos of Cantabs from all over the land.

In its third year running, The Tab's annual BNOC competition is back and bigger than ever. We want you to nominate your friends, your crushes and people you know but you don't know how or why, just so their existence can be validated by a critically acclaimed and well-read publication – please refrain from scoffing. You never know, you might even garner a few nominations yourself.

The Top 100 nominations will then be published for you to vote for and the Cantab with the most votes will receive the most sought after title of them all – BNOC 2018. To get nominating, fill out THIS anonymous form!!

A few of last year's biggest names as voted by the masses

Who should I nominate?

Is your friend the biggest hack you know, spends half their time in The Union and has a timeline full of pictures of them poised with Katie Price/Mary Berry/that vicar from Strictly? Nominate them.

Does your friend practically live in the ADC, is constantly asking you to buy tickets for the Smoker they're in for 3 mins and neglect their degree for Footlights fame? Nominate them.

Is your friend out three times a week, is best friends with the Cindies/Life/Fez bouncers and spends their evening trawling the smoking area whilst adding everyone they meet on Facebook? Nominate them.

Does you friend wear their blues blazer to bed, BCD and ballare? Do they wake up at 6am and then spend the rest of the day telling you about it. Are they 90% protein shake, 10% VK? Nominate them.

Why should I nominate?

We all have our reasons. You do you.

How do I nominate?

All you have to do is fill in this cheeky Google form and you're done to carry on with your lives until the nominations close on the 5th of FEB. Our highly complicated algorithm will get to work compiling a Top 100 for all of you to vote on.

If you simply cannot fill out a google form (why would this be), feel free to email [email protected] with your nominations. Just fill out:

a) Name

b) College

c) Reason for fame – Union Hack, ADC/theatre scene, Comedy, Footlights, Sport, Blue, Rower, College JCR Fame, Professional Networker, Drinking Soc Champion, CUCA, CULC, Social Justice Warrior, Journalism Hack, Objective Wanker, Person-that-most-people-know-yet-don’t-know-why, Frequent Facebook or Offer-holders group poster, CUSU

d) (Optional) Embarrassing, funny, or interesting anecdotes about them

Only actual human, current Cambridge students and elected officers are eligible – no fictional characters or ‘That Union guy’ or ‘That ADC guy’. Don't be vague or they'll never have any chance of wining and we’re not psychic.

Entries will close on the 5th February, 23:59, so get nominating NOW!