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Little Reddit riding hood: Newnham student’s photo goes viral

The image has brought down the website of the company selling the coat featured

Hannah Jones, a 3rd year Natural Sciences student at Newnham, posted the photo on Reddit on Monday evening at 11pm. The photo shows a fellow student, Katy Grobicki, wearing a coat from the company Hell Bunny. By 1am, the website of Hell Bunny had crashed.

Currently the image has over 550,000 views. Some commenters have accused Hannah of working for the company, refusing to believe that the photo could be amateur. She stayed up till 5am responding to comments, both from cynics accusing her of advertising, and fans asking for more details about the coat and the camera used.

This is not the first time that her photography has gone viral. A photo by Hannah taken on the cam of her crew rowing was reposted on Instagram by Just Rowing last year. The photo was viewed across the globe, including by a long-lost friend of one of the rowers in Australia, who got in touch after recognising her in the image. She also won the Cambridge Science Society Photography competition this year.

Hannah told The Tab: "It's crazy how the photo blew up overnight – I posted it just on a whim, and never thought it'd be seen by so many people around the world, let alone would crash a retailer's website. Katy and I are pretty stunned!"

For more great photography, her Instagram can be found here.