The Tab’s Official Halloween Fashion Guide

Stuck for what to wear for your Halloween bop/club night/formal? Look no further…

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As the middle of Michaelmas term rolls around, we all share the same priority. No, not our essays or our reading lists or turning up to lectures on time (if at all) – obviously, I'm talking about finding the perfect Halloween costume.

Halloween must be done properly. That means a costume which will strike fear into the hearts of everyone who witnesses it – so why not go as the crushing weight of expectations which plague you and your friends at all hours, day and night? Just kidding, you don't want to scar yourselves for life more than you already have in your first weeks at Cambridge.

A good Halloween costume is a multifaceted object – scary, witty, saucy, or ironic; easy and cheap or complex and expensive; planned out weeks in advance or thrown on hurriedly at the last minute. Luckily, here at The Tab, we can cater to all and every Halloween fashion needs…

For when you want to be…

Slutty, but with an excuse

Sometimes, dressing up in as little clothing as possible is exactly what you need to cast off the shackles of the male gaze and dress wholly for yourself. But if you do happen to worry that you might be judged for living your life, never fear – simply go the Mean Girls route, except go as a Mean Girl at Halloween.

I'm Karen Smith, duh.

Boom, you have your excuse to wear glorified lingerie and mouse ears. In particular, have a look at…

These lacey black bunny ears are pretty much ideal. Wear with fishnets, a bralet, and something which might loosely be defined as a skirt, and embrace your inner Karen.

Ironic and self-deprecating

Perhaps the strain of term is getting to you? Is your freshers' flu turning into forever flu? Are you just too lazy to contemplate putting thought into your costume? Don't worry, because we have you covered – just go the ironic route and wear something self-aware and very, very low-effort. For example…

This 'costume' from Pretty Little Thing captures the student budgeting experience and mid-term ennui as only a crop top can. Pair with literally anything – trackies, a duvet – and cry over your overdraft all night, but like, ironically.

Fashion-forward and fashion-smart

Okay, so you don't really want to buy something which you'll only wear once a year, so instead why not opt for a piece (or two) which you can wear all year round? A perusal of ASOS or Urban Outfitters' Halloween collections will reward you with quite a few recyclable items, so instead of spending on a costume, you end up with investment pieces which require only a little fake blood/smart accessorising/glitter to turn into excellent Halloween costumes.

This lacey black bodysuit works just as well as part of a non-specific witchy Halloween ensemble as it does on a night out (or at a lecture, if you're feeling particularly adventurous). Always remember the power of a Halloween accessory when paired with any lacey black/red/orange/green outfit – a witch's hat, bunny ears as above, a mask, or even just a lot of eyeliner, will make any outfit Halloween-acceptable.

Comfortable and cosy

Hey, it's October – we're all cold, still have a bit of freshers' flu going on, and are all so deeply sleep deprived that I doubt no costume would be enough to scare us. It only makes sense, then, to go for a Halloween costume which is the ultimate in comfort – we're talking something you could very easily go to sleep in at any given moment.

The beauty of the onesie is that it is soft, versatile, and warm. Feel free to wear your pyjamas underneath, and you will be ready to nap at any point during your night – something which, we can all agree, is a Halloween must.

And finally – if all else fails, just carry around your reading all night to strike terror into the souls of any carefree Cantabs any time they try and enjoy themselves.