Three Cambridge students attempt to rescue Cambridge nightlife

Big dirty stinking bass

Three Cambridge students, Alfred Jacquemot (Robinson), Toni Morales (Robinson) and Gideon Benedyk (Queens'), are launching a new student lead night called "Urban Bass" which is brought to Cambridge by a new student lead Target Events.

"Urban Bass" will play Drum and Bass and will offer a chance for student talent to DJ in a Cambridge night club, as well as hosting up and coming DJs. The first event that which will hopefully get you ravers out to party will be hosted in Fez on 19th November 2017, which will clash with Sunday Life, the most notorious event in Cambridge abysmal clubbing calendar. The event in its infant form has already attracted a MC from Fabric, one of the most prolific clubs in London with a reputation for it's banging tunes.

What inspired the trio was that though Cambridge has extremely popular nights such as Warning in Junction, it has been unable to expand these, instead Cambridge is far behind other University cities for DnB nights such as Leeds, Manchester and even Oxford. Eurgh how can Oxford be cooler than us?

Gideon, one of the organisers, says that " I always felt Cambridge needed some new nights generally to freshen things up and give people the chance to experience the nightlife scene at other student cities. Drum and bass is full, non-stop energy and I think Cambridge will love it"



Hosted in Fez, a subject of constant vitriol from the Tab as a result of its small size and claustrophobic ambiance, this may prove hard to get the clubbers out, yet the organisers stress that Fez may in fact be the perfect location for such an event rebutting that "Fez actually is quite a cool club. It gives off underground vibes and provides a more ravey atmosphere than some of the other venues".

This new night follows a series of new club nights coming to Cambridge with Revs new LGBT night, and the popular "Avant Gardening". Perhaps the classic double Wednesday Cindies and Sunday Life may finally be vanquished.